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Monday, February 28, 2011

What The Heck Is The TSA Up To?

I can’t take credit for this article as it was totally inspired by my editor, Dee. During one of our frequent discussions regarding which forest fire to write about first, she emailed me a picture from an article in ‘Back to Basics’ (, a really excellent conservative website with which we are proud to be affiliated.

A posting by Gonzalo Lira, dated February 26th, with an accompanying video, shows more TSA thugs searching for dangerous terrorists and WMDs in the form of a middle-class blonde lady and her equally tow-headed kids. They are being wanded, patted down and their belongings pawed through by three thugs, with two doing the wanding and pat-down. The goofy looking trio behind the table look less like supposed federal agents and more like shoppers at a garage sale or flea market.

At what international port of entry did this important harassment of US citizens take place? Was it at our newly secure (the world according to Napolitano) southern border where this stringent observance of our country’s security was observed? Or perhaps a great international transportation hub, such as LAX or SFO? Yeah, right. This video was taken at the train station at Savannah, Georgia. These folks were subjected to this ridiculous procedure as they exited the train. More brilliant and creative security measures by the TSA.

Readers will remember that I don’t do the conspiracy theory thing. Or rather, I never used to. Events are proceeding at such an insane pace it’s hard not to wonder about some of this stuff. The image that came to mind as I looked at that picture was of a cadre of Marxist-controlled security agents at every single transportation hub in the country, with lists of enemies of the regime available at their finger tips to allow them to harass, or even arrest and detain… dangerous international terror suspects? Ali Baba and crew? Mustapha and the Jihadi brothers? Not on your life! They are there to control and harass you.

What I saw in my mind’s eye were The Leader’s storm troopers, placed where they can accost citizens at a time and place where they’re vulnerable and not likely to be able to complain or resist. That’s what it was like in the USSR, before President Reagan took down the evil empire. Lord help you if you didn’t have the proper travel documents. You might have found yourself speaking with then KGB Colonel Putin’s gentle administrators.

For as much as the TSA thugs look like a clown college and nothing at all like storm troopers, for anything other than storming McDonald’s for french fries, anybody with a badge and a gun and the mindless policies of Janet Napolitano and Barack Hussein Obama behind them are certainly intimidating to most people and equally as dangerous to us and our God-given freedom.

We, as individuals, cannot withstand the power of the Marxist ‘brown shirts’. We, as the American people, can. We, as the American Patriot movement, can and will.
Any others of you out there who have also witnessed TSA thuggery occurring outside of an air terminus, please let us know.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Break The Public Sector Unions And You’ve Broken The DeMarxist Party’s Hold.

The trough that feeds all public sector unions is in dire straights. That trough, friends, is us… you and me. Let’s forget for the moment that these self-same unions, and their bought and paid for Marxist political hacks, are at the bottom of much of the economic chaos we find ourselves in. Let’s just deal with the situation as it exists now.

All across the nation municipal, county, state and federal service sector unions are doing their share of sucking the air out of the economy. It would be unfair to claim that the country’s woes are the sole province of the unions either… but the unholy reach of these unions into the highest offices of our government first became apparent during the 2008 run-up to the Presidential elections, particularly the goon-like tactics of SEIU in their unholy alliance with ACORN.

There were plenty of Patriots at these events surprising, I think, even the goons themselves as the Patriots stood up to them. We had pictures of goons caught in the act of being goons that went viral almost immediately. It was sort of funny though. In some of the clips I reviewed it was plainly not on the goons itinerary to pick on anyone that looked like they might fight back. Instead, they picked on women, old men and cripples.

Kenneth Gladney - victim of attack by SEIU thugs.

Their unbelievably filthy, sexist, racist statements recorded on the spot and sent to computers around the world, including mine, have shaped the argument far more graphically than anything I, or any writer, can equal. The image of SEIU goons kicking a disabled black man on the ground generated a not-so-slowly boiling anger in Americans who were already in a citizens’ uprising headed by the emerging Tea Party Patriot groups.
The unions are now taking their goons on the road all over the country to try and intimidate your legislators. As Patriots we are going to have to supply the spine they may not have to withstand the onslaught. You and I are going to have to become even more active.

I’m not necessarily opposed to private sector unions per se. One of my sons is in a union. This particular union understands that the company must make a profit or there will be layoffs, no contract, no company and no union.

Therein lays the great difference. We saw what President Obama did to reward his union cronies from the first day he took the oath… between his grifting massive amounts of stimulus dollars to the banks most responsible for the mortgage crisis and his blatant payoffs to the unions, I don’t think we’ve seen a more totally morally bankrupt and corrupted government in the history of our Republic. This government has to go.

America can’t afford Barack Hussein Obama and the public sector unions’ price tag. And don’t think for a second we can’t break the backs of these unions… don’t listen to to the blather.

By the way, just in case one of your brain-challenged friends uses the time-worn ‘collective bargaining is a right’ argument that the unions have been spouting… there is no such thing… it’s a lie, it doesn’t exist.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our Government Has A Fever.

I can just hear the slimy, smarmy voice of the greatest environut fraud of all time, Al Gore, saying that about Washville and the state of affairs there. Not that Al baby would have been a better bargain.

Though I don’t think he could have been any more destructive than this commie cabal, comprising much of our government, after watching the absolutely disgusting goings-on in Wisconsin, and other states and cities, who are financially over-a-barrel and enslaved to the entitlements granted to the public sector unions over a long period of time by weak-kneed governments… federal, state and local.

Successions of governments afraid of ‘public backlash’ (read: paranoiac fear of standing up to the goons and their willing allies, the communist (whoops, did I say that?) statist press… wholly owned by the Party. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which party.

I think we’re all agreed that this cannot stand. This didn’t start overnight. This mess is the result of sixty years or more of absolute irresponsibility by politicians of all stripes… continuously kicking the can down the road, buying a little time here and there, and then leaving office and making the taxpaying public pay the tab for the total unfunded liability of these claims. None of us out here in the private sector can claim such outrageous ‘benefits’.

So we come to this. There is a revolt in this country against the Marxist statists of the Obama regime, all of his tsars and political appointees, and the leftist statist press, who will go to any length to cover for their Anointed One… even treason. Yes, I said it and I’m not taking it back. Speaking of treason, this whole cabal just reeks of it.

I guess we are going to have to fight this battle on those terms. If they really seek to take it out to the streets… to paraphrase Rush Limbaugh… “Bring it on, there’s a whole bunch more of us than there are of you”. That’s the crux of the whole deal. There aren’t nearly enough of them to stop us when we are united as we are now. The united Patriot Movement scares the crap out of them because they fully well know that they and their radicals will never comprise more than 30% of the population.

Why else are they so desperate to keep the border undefended and our immigration laws in abeyance, while hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have turned our border into a one way freeway north. That’s why they desperately need an immigration amnesty… to flood their ranks with undesirables who will be their obedient servants as long as the goodies keep flowing. Uh… that’s goodies paid for by you and I.
We have only this year to prepare… make it count!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Public Sector Unions Will Lose.

You can see the build-up of the massive Marxist machinery that shepherded Barack Hussein Obama’s unlikely rise to the presidency. There’s a new urgency… almost a desperation in the left’s tone these last few days.

Mike Capuano

A Democrat representative yells to a crowd of bussed-in union goofballs… “Ya’ gotta hit the streets and get a little bloody!” Aside from being an asinine statement from an equally asinine individual, Representative Mike Capuano (D, Ma.) is a prime example of why these idiots on the left have to go. In any sane world or time (and not so very long ago either), Capuano’s bleatings would be construed as inciting to violence… a local DA could prosecute.

There was a time which must come again, if this country is to survive, where we hold responsible those who betray this country and seek to destroy her, and are tried by the citizens of this country for their crimes.

Those on the left know no constraint in speech or action, therefore we have to teach them their manners by whatever means necessary. Maybe we could arrange for their passage to the tyranny of their heart’s desire… one way.

I’m not taking credit for something as obvious as what I wrote about on February 22, when I said that Scott Walker’s magnificent stand in Wisconsin against the unions and the NEA was going to become the template for other states, many other states faced with the same problem, and that this message is igniting resistance to the goons and goonlets all over America.

Well, it has ignited that resistance and, like the Tea Party Patriot movement, will spread like wildfire. That’s why the unions are massing the ‘useful idiots’ at the orders of their Democrat handlers.
The union grip on the jugular of this country has got to be broken once and for all.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Go, Scott! Go!!

It was inevitable, this clash between those who seek and feel as though a sinecured, privileged entitlement is a birthright of some sort, and those who have to pay for it. It’s a pretty up and down argument. At least, you would think so. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker may turn out to be the left’s greatest nightmare.

Governor Scott Walker

Wisconsin’s governor and state legislature has stood strong in the face of the worst onslaught against a states governance in living memory. This ‘invasion’, for invasion it has been, by union goons and teachers who had literally walked off of the job, crippled some schools districts and closed others. The teachers were liberally sprinkled with SEIU thugs.

Make no mistake about it, Barack Obama put the Marxist stamp of approval on it by calling out his own personal corps of mini-goons to organize the public union disruption of state business. I’m tired of the whole union-entitlement business. No one protects my job. No one guarantees my wages or my benefits. I keep my job through performance… something to which the service unions, and unfortunately far too many teachers, are foreign. I obtain my raises and benefits through excellence in my chosen profession. Stated bluntly, my company keeps me and treats me pretty well because I make them a lot of money.

Without going into the financial specifics of the Wisconsin affair, suffice to say that the governor’s first offer is the best the lowlifes are going to get. What’s shaking the leftists to their cowardly little bones is that Wisconsin, with the great Governor Scott Walker, is going to become the template for other states who are, even as this is written, facing up to their service unions saying that the status quo will not stand.

One sad exception, of course, being the estate of Jerry Brown. He wrecked California once as Governor, selling the state and everything else to the unions in return for their support. He then went on to do the same to Oakland, Ca. as mayor there, and after a brief but totally politically-inspired and decidedly inglorious stint as California attorney-general, is now back and prepared to finish what he started those long years ago. Keeping in mind that at least half of the voters in California must be brain dead, it was the service unions that got him elected.

News flash: The voters of California are not in the mood for J-boy’s idea of debt reduction, a la tax and fee increases galore. Once he comes back from his June special election, he may have to face those self same unions to explain why he’s slashing their entitlements and cutting their pensions. There should be no unions in the public service sector at all. That’s why we had a civil service to start with.

The days of unions holding governments and private industry hostage over impossible to meet or unsustainable entitlements have to end.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Republicans Fail In Budget Wars… No Leadership, No Courage.

If that sounds harsh then perhaps the Republican leadership should look really closely at themselves and ask themselves just exactly who they’re working for, because right now, quite frankly, they’re not looking all that hot.

Sixty billion is the figure being cast about as the spending reductions for this budget. Another thirty billion was proposed but was not taken up by Republicans, for some unknown reason. I’ve really been concerned about what I perceive to be a demarcation in the party between the ‘old’ party members and the new conservatives.

As a quick for instance… look at good old reliable John McCain… now that he’s won re-election for another six years, we the American people, and especially his constituents, can collectively go to hell as he reverts to type. He nearly got whiplash running to kiss Barack Obama’s butt. Then he has the nerve to tell us that he ‘thinks he can work’ with Obama.

We seem to remember John working with ‘others’. They called it the gang of fourteen… they called it the McCain-Feingold assault on the First Amendment… they called it the Illegal Amnesty Act. Remember? I sure do. John hasn’t wasted any time either. He’s got his pet amnesty act out again and he’s dusting it off.

John’s just one guy, but he’s not alone. I’ve said this before… the times are past where Conservatives can afford to be burdened with wishy-washy moderate ‘Republicans’ who run into accommodation mode at the very first sign of a fight.

Sixty billion? A hundred billion? That’s a joke, right? We’re upside down 1.7 trillion dollars this year alone, and we’re dabbling with a hundred billion in ‘proposed’ cuts! We’re sick of the timidity and the outright cowardice shown by the Repubic leadership. If we get any more disappointed, that whole mess may be out of a job. So far, the only ones who have remained faithful to the mandate of the voters are the Patriot Tea Party freshmen. That says worlds about the party leadership.

It’s a little like what just occurred on the House floor. We thought we were sending tiger sharks in there to shred the unbelievably irresponsible spending of this government. Instead, we get these timid little mice nibbling away at the fringes of that megalithic monstrosity, the house that Obama built.

I’m afraid there are going to need to be more serious changes in the Republican Party if we are to succeed in saving the country. 2012 is going to be another watershed… but what will be shed will be the timid, the weak, the lame and the lazy.
We warned them.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

It’s Obama And The Unions Vs. The Rest Of America – Game On!

He’s drawn the lines himself. Yesterday’s events in Wisconsin put his union-busting remarks on behalf of demonstrating public teachers unions, well-salted with the usual Obama union thugs.

Targets on an electoral map are not enough for the left!

It’s a tactic we’ve seen used time and again in socialist countries. The Communist Party organizing and orchestrating demonstrations and riots, importing agitprop agents to destabilize and weaken the legal government. Lies, deceit and deception are their stock in trade.

The Governor of Wisconsin had the courage to stand up to the Union mob trying to hold the state hostage. The citizens of Wisconsin, like other states, is in desperate financial straights. Many, if not most, of these states are coming to the realization that only drastic reductions in government spending can save them from complete financial meltdown.

The giant gorilla that has been waiting out in the hallway, doing push-ups all these years. The issue that big governments and small have kicked on down the road like the proverbial kid kicking the can. Unfunded liabilities of all stripes have the federal government on the ropes, as well as many states and municipalities.

Displays such as we witnessed in Wisconsin yesterday are vividly reminiscent of Wayne Radke, rabble rousing his SEIU members when they were supplying thugs for the ACORN rallies during the 2008 election campaigns. As an aside, does anyone want to know where Mr Radke is? Well, it seems he’s been helping Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers organize the Egyptians. Maybe the Brotherhood can teach Bill and Bernadine some bomb-building tricks that weren’t in the Anarchist’s Cookbook. Just wondering…

I’ve been ragging away on this theme for a long time in this column. What it’s going to come to, here at home as well as internationally, is that it’s going to become this black-and-white issue… it’s us, and the survival of the Republic, against them and all of the evil they represent.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

In Just Two Days…

Our comfortable 24 hour news cycle is going the way of analog television. I have been unable to do articles for the last two days… it’s that time of year. The storms that hit the Bay Area have had us working quite late. I don’t like missing one day, much less two. It’s just too darned important.

The demise of the 24 hour news cycle can be laid at the doorstep of the ‘new media’. Stories break, are reported on locally by conservative bloggers, that feed gets picked up by the internet and it’s “Katie, bar the door”… because by then your little scoop isn’t so little any more, and your story has circled the world in a matter of hours.

It’s an incredible feeling. The message of freedom certainly knows no international bounds. This column has been blessed with an outstanding and growing readership from the beginning. When Dee (for those of you who may not know Dee, she is the lady who makes everything work around here) first proposed this column I decided I wanted it to be hard-hitting, but I wanted to keep it simple and distill some of this stuff to strip away the smoke and mirrors that the enemy uses to conceal and disguise his intentions.

For those of you who may be new to our articles, the Skip MacLure blog is unabashed patriotism. We stand for the rule of law, the founding documents, liberty and freedom. We fiercely oppose tyranny in any form. We firmly believe that our country is in a battle for its very existence, and that individual American Patriots are the ones who must carry the banner of freedom forward.

This is it. This is where the rubber hits the road. Make your commitment to freedom today.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

It’s Time To Put The Heat On The Border.

Everyone is focused on Egypt and the other suddenly unstable middle east dictatorships… with the expected hard left mantra of freedom and democracy for the masses. It’s being trumpeted by all the lame stream outlets. The same morons who bleat that the Muslim Brotherhood is ‘non political and sectarian’. They just want to make nice and sing kumbaya, somehow ignoring that the Brotherhood is Hamas, is Al Qaeda, is a half-dozen splinter groups, each in its own way more dangerous and radical than the others.

This is who Barack Obama and the regime actually support. Take all the lies and obfuscations away, strip his arrogant statements and what’s revealed is again Obama’s repeated affinity for all things Islamist, to the detriment of this country and the office he is supposed to be serving.

Turning from the bad guys in Egypt and the middle east to the open wound of our own southern border with Mexico. We, as patriots, really have got to turn up the heat on this one. The border issue is going to reach critical mass before too long.

The increasing crimes against our citizens perpetrated by illegal aliens, the property crimes, drug and gun running, the increasing reach of the drug cartels as they spread their reach into America through their street soldiers… the Mexican gangs. More and more violent, gang-related incidents are occurring. More innocent Americans are dying, and we have a government who has repeatedly failed to live up to promise after promise to control the border!

We shouldn’t have to push and prod our lawmakers to do one of the only fundamental legitimate duties that it has under the Constitution. It’s known that many, not a few, middle eastern types have crossed into this country over our southern border in the years in which our border has been a sieve. The numbers are in the thousands… actually they are in the multiples of thousands. I have no reason to believe that these fine folks were just seeking employment as taxi drivers.

Get on the horn, on the keyboard, or go down to your representatives’ offices and tell them that the border has got to be closed to smuggling, human or otherwise.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Purely And Simply Ridiculous.

There’s another huge mess you’ve gotten us into… Watching Obama skillfully wending his way through the complexities of geo-politics and the exploding crisis in Egypt is enough to make any self-respecting skunk vomit. Barack Obama was caught out with his butt in the wind again.

This time he nearly missed a whole revolution. More to the point, though… I wrote in a previous article, when describing Obama’s government, that it didn’t work… the government I mean. The point being, of course, that the the government is a reflection of Obama himself, which is a virtual guarantee of failure. It’s a top down situation analogous to garbage in, garbage out.

Consider, please, the complete and utter failure of our intelligence regarding the entire middle eastern blowup. James Clapper, Leon Panetta and Janet Napolitano, whose claim just last week to the security of our northern and southern borders is an outright fabrication. Not just part of her ridiculous statement either. The whole thing was a lie. No one should be surprised.

Of the some 2,000 miles of our common border with the narco-state of Mexico, only some 600 miles are under anything more than nominal control. There are many border agents who would probably dispute some of those ‘controlled’ areas pretty strongly. As far as Clapper and Panetta are concerned, they clearly got their intelligence from MSNBC.

James Clapper is an embarrassment and needs to go. His statement about a ‘secular, non-violent’ Muslim Brotherhood made himself, and the entire American intelligence community, look like rank amateurs in front of the entire world. Why do these guys persist in making these stupid, shallow statements when they should know by now that the new media is going to expose them in a matter of minutes.

Panetta’s not much better… the CIA is rotten and needs to be expunged of a lot of rotting garbage. Once again, an intelligence agency that fits its reporting to the desires of the regime is no intelligence agency at all.

It was stunning and very instructive watching the Obama administration changing tracks every day, sometimes twice a day. The only amusing aspect of the whole event was watching the Lame Stream Media et al try desperately to make Obama look like anything but the bumbling chump he turned out to be.
2012 just can’t get here fast enough.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Scared Myself.

Yesterday’s article was fun. A little lighter than usual. Anytime that I can do that sort of back-and-forth with readers it’s bound to be lively. We have a lot of respect for our readers… they’re a pretty savvy and well-informed group.

Writing yesterday about this nation in peril had me chewing on that subject on and off all day. Thinking about the dangers this country faces is not an easy task. You have to peel everything back and examine it in a new light… and you have to drop however much of your denial system is still intact.

It didn’t matter whether I looked near or far… here at home or around the globe. We are faced with huge challenges. The more scenarios I ran through my mind, the more frightening it became. You see, I know how very little it would take for a world-wide conflagration to break out if any number of these came together.

We are beset with enemies from within as well as from without. It doesn’t much matter which way you look, either. Let’s pretend for a second that we’re only dealing with one set of baddies, instead of a dozen or more. How can we fight an enemy we haven’t identified? One of the real and present dangers faced by this country is just that. Our stubborn refusal to come to grips with what things really are and identify them by name… and not by some politically convenient, half-truth catchphrase.

We’ve watched creeping political correctness gradually changing the language. It’s long past time to put a stop to it. Conservatives have to sound off when they see and hear the left pushing its message of lies and deceit. Call them on it first time… and every time.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Patriots Not Shy.

We love the Patriot Action Network here at the Skip MacLure blog. I followed the Patriots from the beginning, and was a member way before I started this column. 80,000 strong, and you can just bet there’s a whole lot of people who follow the network who aren’t necessarily members.

The Patriots do a superb job of passing vital information to members and the community. They focus on issues vital to the restoration of a free constitutional republic. They also follow the leftists like a second skin, reporting the latest outrages against our civil society to the Patriots and the new media.

A few times I’ve experienced a spooky sensation as someone, somewhere in the network will open a leftist can of worms and blow the whole thing wide open about something I’d either been working on, or was wondering about. That tells me that the members of this network are constantly on their toes and not buying any of the left’s bull roar.

But I didn’t write this article to tell you guys how good you are, but to offer a retraction of sorts to the article I wrote yesterday that got a lot of comments, most of which started with ‘Are you nuts?’. Just kidding. One thing you may rest assured of is that Patriots speak their minds and aren’t a bit shy about it either.

Well, it seems that at the end of my article yesterday I wrote, “That the ineptitude of this president is going to put this country at grave risk”. Whoops. Wrong move. I got a veritable chorus of, ‘Whaddaya mean, going to put this country at risk?’ and, ‘we’re already there!’.

Ok guys, I surrender (grins), you’re right. We are there. And the more I look around this floating blue marble of ours, the more potential catastrophes I see. They’re not hard to find… just look for a muslim and you’ll soon find dissension, aggression and war.

Our mission as Patriots has not changed. There is a pretender to defeat, a Senate to recapture, wars to win and a country to safeguard. We really have to hold our Congressmen and Senators feet to the fire. It’s aggravating and frustrating, I know… a little like herding cats, but that’s what it’s going to take.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Open Contempt.

Of all the things that can be laid at the doorstep of Barack Obama, as serious as some of them are, this one has the potential to cause us plenty of trouble down the road.

The world is populated with a fair number of dictators, petty and otherwise, who are watching Obama’s every move with anticipation. They are now able to openly scorn the country which has, for so long, been the hope of freedom for the world.

Whether we like it or not, our President and our Secretary of State are the faces of our nation to the world most of the time. We are reflections of them, whether we like it or not. Most of us don’t like being seen as weak, ineffectual and indecisive. But that, and worse, is how we are being viewed throughout the bad-guy world.

Barack Obama has fumbled, bumbled and genuflected his way across the middle east and most of the rest of the world, displaying his ignorance of world politics and economics for all to see. When the US appears weak and indecisive, the entire world is more unstable. The bad guys get badder and uglier, and the big bad guys get bolder and more scheming.

This is a very dangerous world and Obama is in way over his head. We are going to come to a point where the ineptitude of this president is going to put this country at grave risk.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Long Reach Of The Patriot Movement.

It’s a feeling in the air… that sense that’s just beyond our consciousness. Freedom is in the air… it’s infectious too… as the left has had reason to regret.

The change from a populace in some sort of perpetual torpor, and already half-way under the spell of Socio-Marxist illusory promises of a miracle society of totally equitable distribution. If history is to be taken as any guide, a greatly diminished quality of life and the resultant misery and poverty that always accompanies such societies.

The impact of the Tea Party Patriots simply cannot be understated. There’s no question that it was the strength and determination of the individual American patriot that made the difference.

There are some really positive early indications that, thanks to the incredibly stupid and inept handling of the Egyptian situation, Barack Hussein Obama has again been seen as an unabashed supporter of a violent jihad group… as a matter of fact, the oldest of all such terrorist groups, the Muslim Brotherhood… from whence sprang Al Qaeda and that old Gaza favorite, Hamas. Once again, our president gets caught with his butt in the wind.

The American Patriot is a stubborn sort… if patient. Yet we, as the vast majority of American citizens, cannot take anything for granted. There’s still a Senate to take back and there’s still Barack Obama to usher into retirement. That’s our focus for now, though we dare not take our eyes off of our own for a split second either. I’ve decided that Boehner is establishment through and through. This dude bears watching.

The entire attitude of the nation has changed. Citizens all over the country are standing up to socialism and fascism, in halls of their own state houses and in their communities. There are even some sparks of freedom being seen in benighted states like California.

There’s a wonderful rebellion going on in Northern California over these so-called ‘smart meters’ being pushed by the power suppliers, backed by the rabid environmentalists embedded in the state government. The power company has been acting as though on a mandate, violating property rights blatantly and as a matter of course to force the installation of these meters. Those who refuse are threatened with the cessation of their power.

Good on you, guys! Keep it up and we are in your court. I loathe tyranny in any form, whether by a government or a public utility.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why Would California Re-Elect Jerry Brown?

Many’s the time I asked that of myself during his first two terms. We’re still living under the aftermath of goofy policies set in place by our boy Jerry. Aside from an early alliance with the public service unions and their constant demands for more for less, our then-Governor Brown cozied up to the environmentalists and curtailed water storage and dam building, guaranteeing the almost perpetual water shortages faced by parts of the state.

Jerry Brown also curtailed freeway construction, which has greatly contributed to the various traffic gridlocks here. But most of all, I remember him for his opposition to the death penalty and his soft ball approach to law enforcement and the penal system.

It may be argued that many of the infrastructure problems that we are faced with now had their birthing under Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown. I remember that unemployment was high in the state and construction was slow. Our Mr Brown did nothing to alleviate the job situation in the state, but did preside over the beginning of the exodus of business form the state by his insatiable appetite for regulation and taxation.

It is a trend which has continued to this very day and the economic debris-field you see before you, in this once most prosperous state in the union, is mute testimony to what awaits other states who are unwilling to face the new economic reality.

California is on the verge of, if not in fact, bankruptcy in all but name. Traditionally, as California goes, so goes the nation. I really hope not. For all you non-Californians out there, I wouldn’t wish this collection of nuts and fruitcakes on anyone else. It’s sad enough as it is, to watch the idiot shenanigans that pass for a legislative assembly here. Out of touch? Well, yeah. Just ask people all over this state who still can’t find jobs, or the ones whose companies are closing or moving away to friendlier states.

The exodus of jobs from the state that was presided over by Brown is still there, only now it’s a torrent. I don’t believe for one minute that Jerry Brown has any sort of an idea how to pull this state out of the depression it’s in. Now, Jerry has to pay the piper from the one group whose money got him elected in the face of a huge money challenge by Meg Whitman. Jerry long ago sold his political soul to the service unions. He’s their guy.

It’s the same unions that are going to be the objects of Jerry’s chopping block, because the citizens of California will rise up against his proposed tax increases in a special election to be held in June. Then, he may be forced to go to genuine deep cuts in agencies and departments, and cut the plethora of regulatory agencies that are choking the life out of business and product development in the state. Don’t look for him to to tackle the entitlement issue… I don’t think he has the courage for it. Not if he wants the unions to keep him in power, that is.

But don’t count on it. California will continue to be a foreign land for Conservative Republicans and business a while yet.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Foggy Bottom Bottoms Out.

The state of the State Department can be best described as useless, in any practical sense. ‘Foggy Bottom’ pretty aptly describes the decision making process in our State Department.

I really hope that Hillary keeps to her stated intention not to run for president in 2012. She’d have a pretty rough time defending her performance as Secretary of State. Garbage in… garbage out. But then, Foggy Bottom is a garbage pit.

Its ‘new mission statement’ reeks of weakness and accommodation. It sounds like Obama and his spectacularly inept and naive prosecution of this nation’s foreign interests. Like the government of its leader, our State Department doesn’t work. No surprises there, but it hasn’t been serving the purposes for which it was created and instead has become an instrument for advancing the progressive agenda of its masters.
It’s not that there are not some good people at State, but they are far overshadowed by the politically inspired hacks and toadies.

Democrat administrations have no problem getting the fogs to implement the wishes of their masters. A Republican administration would receive no such dispensation or cooperation from the denizens of murky places. As has been noted by previous Republican administrations, cooperation in the implementation of policy was grudging at best, and if it was something the left was against… good luck at getting anything through.

Our State Department needs a thorough cleaning and examination of its role in the security picture of a nation at war.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

Outside The Law, Outside The Constitution – Obamites Defy Federal Judge.

In a graphic reminder to the nation of just why we threw the Democrat Congress out of there to start with, the delightful memories of Nancy-of-the-Smiling-Eyes refusing Republicans to be seated at key committee meetings… and who could forget the slimy machinations of Dirty Harry Reid. Oh, and then there’s UpChucky Schumer, who is a consistent stranger to anything resembling truth.

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli seeks a hastened Supreme Court review of health reform.

We watched in growing anger as Obama and the Marxists crapped on our traditions, our laws, our constitution and our freedoms. They have dragged our, and therefore our country’s, honor through the dirt. They have engineered, and then presided over, the greatest crash and recession since the great depression. I guess they thought no one noticed.

They continued to demagogue, as item after item of their Mad-Max Marxist agenda was stopped or otherwise deflected by the really fine guerrilla legislative tactics employed by the Republicans, though heavily outnumbered. At every stage of the way, the Patriot groups were behind our Republican lawmakers and let them know it.

The Patriot Movement is different than any other citizens’ uprising I’ve ever heard of. It’s different in lots of ways, but one of its principal assets is just this… it’s principles. Maybe that’s why the left detests us so much. We can’t be bought.

Obama and the glee club are continuing to implement Obamacare in the face of a decree which makes the law not just unconstitutional, but unconstitutional in all its parts, having no severability clause. The justice commented that he did not have to file for an injunction against implementation, since his ruling had rendered the entire health care bill null and void… just like it never existed.

Yet again, Obama and the left laugh in the face of the law, the Constitution and most of all you, the American citizen. The American public are truly tired of the left’s constant and unremitting attempts to bring this country down. If there’s a single shred of anything good to be had from the experience of the last two years, it’s that America, all of America, has finally seen the left unmasked as never before, and we are not liking what we are seeing.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Israel’s New Reality.

Iran is on the march all over the middle east. Its surrogates carefully chosen and in place. Iran spews venom and exports hatred, fear and murder. Iran’s reach is growing. The United States is viewing the detente between the Iranian-Venezuelan governments very closely.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has warned that Iran will turn Egypt into another Gaza. He urged the west to ensure that any new Egyptian leader respects existing peace treaties.

Egypt is still in chaos, though the army is firmly in control and plans to stay that way. Jordan is shaky… King Abdullah has released his cabinet and is forming a new one. The speed with which the unrest has traveled has left world leaders stunned and totally unprepared.

The intemperate and totally out-of-depth Obama administration’s official and unofficial encouragement of the Egyptian demonstrators is sophomoric and dangerous in the extreme. Barack Obama sounded like some petulant teenager with attitude, as he demanded Mubarak step down right now and that Egypt would have democratic elections… presumably presided over by Jimmy Boy Carter, middle east expert extraordinaire.

Our political capital in the entire region is negligible, after the incredibly stupid foreign policy that our boy president and Islamophile, Barack Hussein Obama, has pursued for the last two years. Israel’s options are even fewer now, with another 500 or so miles of border that will become hostile should Egypt and Jordan fall.

It may be that Israel should move on Iran soon. Cut the head from the snake which is fomenting world war.
Hey, Danny! Time to lock and load.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If Patriotism Had A Report Card.

I don’t think we’d need a graduated grading system say, for instance, ‘C’ for Champion and on the opposite end, ‘T’ for Traitor. Look at all the fun we could have with all of the grades in between.

‘Everyday’ patriot I think would describe most of us… just Americans who go about our lives, proud of the greatness of our nation. Then, on the opposite end of the spectrum, there are the inhabitants of the darkside. Goons, Goobers, Frauds and Thieves.

The Marxist pantheon is vast. The world they inhabit is as insubstantial as an early morning meadow mist that only they can see. But cling to that mist they will, beyond any ken of reasonable, rational men and women.

This is the great divide. It’s where the rubber hits the road. In the coming months, the divide between the American Patriot and those who would destroy America for the sake of their land of mists… the choices will become plainer than ever before. Those who work to enslave free people, those who consort with or give aid and comfort to the enemies of this great nation, will be called out to answer for their perfidy.

This nation may be facing the greatest perils and challenges of our country’s history. Aside from the enemy within, we are beset with enemies around the world. The deteriorating situation in the middle east can be laid directly at the door of Barack Hussein Obama and his administration. Worldwide food shortages, looming inflation, demonstrations, riots… can all be laid at least partially at the administration’s doors.

A monetary policy out of the travels of Gulliver and a foreign policy best described as incoherent, as it is anti-semitic. Now our bold leader is making nice with the Muslim Brotherhood… about as dangerous and anti-American as they could possibly be.

President Obama is a weak fool and, quite possibly, a treasonous one as well.
How would you grade President Obama?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011