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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oh, My!

They were the words uttered by the new Princess as she surveyed the throngs of well-wishers that were assembled outside the palace gates. The networks had their lip-readers, but even those without that talent, like myself, could easily add the text to the image.

It was a crowd as large, and as well-behaved, as any of the Tea Party rallies. The similarities do not end there. This was pure, unabashed patriotism. Even those who are indifferent, or opposed, to the concept of a monarchy could not deny that there was a feel-good factor about the whole affair.

While a sentimental outpouring is largely expected from the inhabitants of ‘middle England’, the folk from the traditionally less enthusiastic regions of Britain joined in the festivities. The flags of Scotland, Wales and Cornwall mingled with the thousands of Union Flags… not to mention the representatives of former colonies that, over the centuries, have not always enjoyed an affaire de coeur with royalty. Remember George III?

While the day was hailed as an indication of the ‘modernization’ of the monarchy, becoming more ‘in-touch’ with the people, thankfully it was totally devoid of the fake political correctness that infests so many state occasions. It was perfectly acceptable to fly national flags, sing patriotic songs and marvel at the fly-past of the ‘Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’ (a Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire for you aviation freaks), a reminder of ‘Britain’s finest hour’. It was closely followed by four jet fighters in formation which, I wondered, were perhaps the last four after swathes of defense cuts!

No mention of the EU, of globalization, or multi-denominationalism. The joy of the cartwheeling vicar (sure to become a YouTube hit) could be taken as a celebration that the Anglican Church is still the official state religion of England, despite the attempts of a certain ethnic group to create their own religious courts within the realm. It was ironic that the Abbey proceedings were conducted by an Archbishop who showed some approval for that idea.

The day had some detractors, claiming that the extra public holiday created a loss in production that far exceeded the gains in revenue through tourism and associated paraphernalia. In challenging economic times, that’s fair comment. But you can’t fix a price tag on patriotism, tradition, pride and morale. If the billions of dollars (or pounds) spent can restore these feelings to a disillusioned nation, it’s money well used.

So what can America learn from this? Well, although there is no monarchy, we have our own ‘royalty’. The Founders and The Constitution are the basis of this country, along with the Judeo-Christian principles that inspired them. Don’t let the progressives stifle that message with their treasonous slander. Be proud of your heritage and the traditions that exist in this still relatively young country. Keep your faith in God and protect the Constitution at all costs.

If we follow these simple rules, the United States that we know and love will last as long as, or longer than, the British monarchy.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Don’t Get Mad….

… Get even, or so the saying goes. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, actually. I don’t get mad as such… it’s more of a frustration that I feel boiling up inside. You might think that the current administration, or the looniest of the left, is the cause of this combustible condition.

Well… no. They are what they are. Crazy, misguided, dangerously blinded by their ideology… whatever. But, we know what to expect from them, as does the average Joe when he takes time to look away from reality TV long enough to realize that he too is being hit hard by their Marxist machinations. What I’m talking about is the liberal media, in its many guises… and disguises.

In yesterday’s article, I covered the Letterman-Maher conversation (CBS, Monday night). I use the word ‘conversation’ in its loosest form… it was no more than an exercise in GOP/Conservative/Tea Party bashing. Performances like this are all too common on the major networks. The host gives the liberal guest carte blanche for scathing personal attacks. In sharp contrast, when a conservative guest (a relatively rare occasion) is on the couch, they are put in a defensive posture from the get go.

Political satire has been with us as long as democracy itself. Indeed, it is an important part of that freedom. From the 19th century pencil cartoons, which gave us the elephant and donkey, to stand-up television monologues and edited YouTube videos, it is often amusing regardless of the viewer’s political leanings.

The danger arises when media outlets which pertain to be impartial become vehicles for a specific agenda, either of their own volition or that of those holding the purse strings. Before I go any further, I hear the stray liberal that wandered on to this site screaming “What about Fox News?” Well, FNC is split into news and opinion programming… it is also a cable channel, subscription only, so you don’t have to watch it.

Of course, that goes for any station or newspaper… you don’t have to watch or read it. I once teased Skip about him reading a certain well-known Bay Area newspaper. He replied, “I wouldn’t use it to line the bird cage”.

Why, then, does the left seem to have the upper hand in popular media? The answer is leverage. I can think of one or two legal terms to describe their activities, but I don’t want to push my First Amendment rights too far, which is something they do all too often with their unfounded allegations against the Tea Party.

Popular media, like the main television broadcast networks, has a large proportion of definite or possible Democrat voters. If they put out a message that conflicts with the leftist ideology, they put the screws on the advertisers… “Pull your ads or we boycott your products”. This escalates to the point where the networks, in the interest of their revenue and a quiet life with their employee unions, take the easy option.

The result is that only one point of view is heard. Unfortunately, there are millions of people who believe that everything they are told on television is solid fact. Global warming is a classic example. How many companies advertise on the networks, boasting of their contribution to carbon reduction? What would happen if an energy company aired an ad that said “Forget the carbon emission fallacy, we’re producing American gasoline to keep the country running”? There would be mass protests from the left, accompanied by the usual thug tactics courtesy of the union goons.

Naturally, it would never get that far. The station would never air the commercial to start with. It’s far easier, and safer, to take the PC approach, the one that’s been hammered into every home and school in the country… the lies that masquerade as fact. We’ll be back after these important messages…..

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Same Old Jokes (And That’s Just The Presenters).

A regular reader of Skip’s articles, Bill Hallbert, commented that the use of the term ‘Lame Stream Media’ is too polite… that ‘Pravda West’ would be more appropriate. A good point, Bill… one that, along with some events the last couple of days, has inspired me to write this article while sitting in for Skip.

It was my misfortune to catch Bill Maher in conversation with Letterman last night. Naturally, it descended to the depths of old, worn-out attacks on anything right-of-center in a feeble attempt at humor. Donald Trump’s hair, Sarah Palin’s mind, George W. Bush’s presidency and the Tea Party were all precursors to the stage-prompted bouts of applause and laughter.

Letterman was in his element… he could let his guest gush with spiel that reflected his own views and not even have to think about asking any questions… probably a good thing, given the question put to Cote de Pablo (Ziva David) later in the show… “Is there a real NCIS?” Yes, Dave, there’s a real FBI too. And a real US government… or what’s left of it!

After mocking The Donald and Sarah Palin’s brief tenure in a state where “no one lives” (I’m sure that endeared them to the folks in Alaska!), blaming Bush (what’s new?) for the debt crisis (while conveniently omitting the fact that Obama is racking up more debt than all of his 43 predecessors combined), they turned their attention to the Tea Party.

It may have been my imagination, but I got the feeling that a large portion of the audience were not so keen to commit to the prompts for applause and laughter… to the point where discernible groans and grunts of disapproval could be heard. Maher said that he would refrain from using the word ‘Teabagger’ if the Tea Party stopped calling it ‘Obamacare’. Why, Bill? Wasn’t it Obama that pushed so hard to get it passed, to the detriment of all else? You wouldn’t be distancing yourself from it, knowing that it, along with the federal debt, will finish both Obama and the Democrats in 2012? If you were really smart, you’d put the blame for the health care disaster at the feet of Bush, just as you did with federal debt… call it ‘Bushcare’!

One thing that Maher said resonated with me, amongst all the stereotypical trash that he regurgitated. It was something about the Tea Party actually doing something, and the fact that we spend our time on internet forums complaining about deficit levels. Could that partly be because the alphabet networks are vehicles for the likes of Maher and Letterman? “Corporate America’s useful idiots”? I think I’d rather be a useful idiot than a useless know-it-all.

Tomorrow, I’ll be looking at some other aspects of the left’s control of the media.

(Due to IT problems, Editor Dee is in for Skip today)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

When The Snake Bites The Fox.

A fox swims across a swollen torrent, giving a stranded snake a ride across on his back after the snake promises not to bite him. When they reached the opposite bank the snake bit the fox. The fox exclaimed “You promised! Why did you bite me?” The snake replied, “I’m a snake. That’s what snakes do.”

It seems that that’s just what the American electorate is at this particular moment in time… Snakebit. We seem genuinely surprised when a snake behaves like a snake. We’ve known for some time what and who Barack Obama is. We also know that he promised to destroy our energy sector. Instead, he would flood the country with solar panels manufactured in and exported back to this country from China.

The scythe-bladed monster wind turbines… you know, the ones nobody wants in their back yard? These wind turbines are another cornerstone of Obama’s leftist energy dream world. Remember when he promised to make it impossible for coal operators to continue to function? Yes, he did. You may not have heard about it since the Lame Stream Media has been devotedly covering for him going ‘way back’.

It didn’t help that not a single Republican stood up to Obama and fought him toe-to-toe. Paralyzed by fear at being called racist, they allowed themselves to sideline and silence themselves as well. We have repeatedly paid for their timidity.

Maybe it’s just not my nature to be swayed by someone like our Mr Hussein. Or, most probably, having been in the Marine Corps for as long as I was gave me an eye for leadership qualities. Obama has none. I wrote some time back, actually a couple of times, that Obama’s attacks on the energy sector were not making the DeMarxists any friends and it was going to cost him, come 2012. That was before the current middle-east blowup, which is no more spontaneous than one of Obama’s speeches.

He has turned virtually all the energy producing states throughout the coal belt against him. The Gulf Coasters saw him for the empty phony he was, and there’s no way he’s going to sell those people on the story that it’s the evil speculators again… Horseradish. What he has done, in his heartless arrogance, is a blatant sell-out to the radical environmental elements of his hard left. His actions and inactions have caused tens of thousands of Gulf Coasters to lose their jobs, and took an area that once had a thriving economy and crippled it.

These people aren’t going to forget. Neither are the truckers who are now paying over a thousand dollars just to fill their trucks. Rising food costs? You bet. We know who’s responsible… the American people know… and we’ll remember. No matter how you change your tune Obama, we’ll remember.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

Stir The Soup.

There’s an old saying out there, ‘We don’t light the fire, we just stir the soup’. Last week, on the 13th, I wrote that there was a strong affinity for Donald Trump among the Patriot Movement. Apparently, some out there took this as an endorsement of Mr Trump for a presidential run. While there’s no doubt that Mr Trump would be incalculably better than the Marxist incompetent we’re trying to prevent from destroying our nation outright, it was not an endorsement of Donald Trump.

While he undoubtedly has many attributes that are badly needed by our side, he’s also going to be wearing a huge target on his back. They’ll go after him like they’ve gone after Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. Not that I think that Donald Trump is unable to take care of himself. As he has proven on numerous occasions, he’ll stand up and go toe-to-toe with just about anybody. The reason they’ll attack him is the same as Michele and Sarah. The reason the left is going after these two ladies is that they are absolutely terrified by them. Could you see any of the leftists debating any of these three people in any setting that wasn’t rigged by the Lame Stream Media? No, I can’t either.

The ‘Repubic’ (thank you, Mark Levin) establishment… which could be called the anal establishment, to judge by their actions if not their characters, is none too happy about them either, and would and are doing everything their warped pea-brains can cook up to discredit and marginalize anyone who threatens their stupid, hidebound, hierarchical thinking. Their way of doing things and their inability to confront Democrats for years, in anything other than losing compromise, is largely responsible for the situation we find ourselves in.

We’re sick and tired of the Republican intransigence when it comes to the Patriotic Reformation sitting on their doorsteps. These old fools have been sitting out on the sidelines lining their careers while the country went to hell under their ‘expert’ management, and are trying to get us to do much the same again.

I’m not sure how the Republican race is going to shake out. No one in their right mind will be at this stage. Besides, there’s lots of agitprop and misdirection out there as well. Easy to spot… just check out any LSM outlet. Meanwhile, keep your eye focused on the goals we have laid out… fiscal discipline, smaller constitutional government, border security, national defense.

Paul Ryan’s plan isn’t perfect, but it’s a great first step. It takes six trillion dollars out of the income stream of the US Government and out of the hands of the Marxists, which since Obama came to office are largely one and the same. We have to keep our own people from bargaining and compromising it all away. Now, that’s a crying shame.

Don’t take your eyes off of them for a second. It’s sad we have to watch our own as much, or more, than we do the enemy.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Disgusting Display: Obamao’s Manifesto… MarxMarxMarx, And Then Some More Marx.

Is there anyone out there that has yet to understand that Barack Hussein Obama, and his radical twisted ideology, is the figurehead of the planned destruction of America? Obama’s speech was one long demagogic rant in which he trotted out all the Marxist saws… it was Saul Alinsky, William Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis and Jeremiah Wright… all over the place. It was communism’s ugly face exposed for all to see.

But that wasn’t the really sleazy sickening part. That came later in the speech when he went down the Marxist wish-list of dependent entitlement recipients, from seniors to autistic and developmentally disabled kids, and everything and everybody in between. It was low… very low.

Watching the news cycles, and reading as many of your comments on the subject as I could get to, has me convinced that the vast majority of Americans haven’t bought it and are not buying it now. His attacks on Paul Ryan and other conservatives was not at all well received out here in the hinterland, and was highly reminiscent of Obama’s excoriation of members of the Supreme Court at his first State of the Union blather. I’d love to see Hizzoner try to debate Paul Ryan.

For the life of me, I never did understand this BS about Hussein the First being some great orator… I think he sucks. He’s got the cadence of a high school cheerleader… must come from having to spend all that time swiveling that lying neck of his back and forth between teleprompters. The problem with that technique is it forces you to deliver in what are stanza-like sentences, and after you’ve heard one you’ve heard them all. That’s why Biden can’t stay awake during one of his glorious leader’s agitprop spiels… and didn’t ol’ ‘Jumpin’ Joe’ do it once before during an Obama slumberfest?

Obama intends to cut nothing!. His smoke and mirrors are just far worse than the pathetic attempt to pull the nation’s wool over its eyes by Mr. John Boehner and the establishment Republicans. Hey, John! We know how to research John… apparently better than anyone on your staff anyway. We can not go on this way… Boehner sold us out, plain and simple. His whining is getting on my nerves.

We have to defeat Obama and the Marxists. There is no alternative. But, I’m not sure we can afford Mr Boehner. He’s going to sell us out on the debt limit. Get on the phone or computer… barrage the Capitol switchboards and crash their computers. We need to tell them straight up that we will primary them.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trump… The Patriot Favorite?

There’s one thing for sure… the Tea Party patriots are responding to what Donald Trump is saying in a big way. Trump is feisty, decisive, not a bit afraid of a fight, and extremely knowledgeable about money. And that’s what it’s all about. A total political outsider who tells it like it is and is well aware of the nature of the crisis we’re in.

So what’s the appeal Donald has for the Patriot Movement? It’s not difficult to figure out. All you have to do is look at the prevaricating hogwash we’re getting out of our leadership, as they twist figures and play with numbers in order to convince us they’ve actually done something great. I’ve looked at the numbers again and again… they don’t add up for me any more than they do for any of you. The only place in the world this kind of mathematics make sense is in Washville.

The Patriots are looking at the gentle machinations of our timid leadership… and the rotten sellout deal that they acceded to. Now, as has been pointed out by numerous conservative pundits, Boehner has given up his only real bargaining issue, government shutdown. And by caving in, bleating to his restive conservative membership that we have to compromise because we can’t get it all, he has just turned the high ground on the issue over to Barack Hussein Obama.

The membership doesn’t like it very much either… at least, the membership that knows why they were sent to Congress. Apparently, Boehner has had a memory lapse. I’m not the only one who noticed.

US Rep. Steve Southerland (R-Florida) said that he was going to force deeper cuts and ‘hold Boehner accountable for the promises he made to the American people’. Outstanding! That’s what the American People are looking for. Strong no-nonsense leadership that doesn’t doesn’t cave at the first threat of some liberal going hysterical about not having enough money to kill more babies.

That’s what the appeal is regarding Mr Donald Trump. Americans know he’s not afraid of a fight and won’t back down.
So, as we go into the the most critical fight of all, forcing the leadership not to increase the debt ceiling, we need to pull out all the stops.
Call, write, fax, email as many of your Republican Congress members as you can, and keep calling.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mea Culpa… Alright Already.

One thing’s for sure, any time I drift off the reservation our readers are going to let us know about it. I’ve gone back and forth on this budget thing so much I’m beginning to feel like a yo-yo (grin). My somewhat (I thought) reserved approval of the Republican budget agreement and our House Majority Leader John Boehner drew a lot of heat very quickly, and once again caused me to stop and re-evaluate my position. That’s the value of a really well-read and savvy readership.

"I believe voters are asking us to set our sights higher," Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, said of the budget deal.

Then, as I was tending my scorched fingers, I tuned into Mark Levin… and got my eardrums blown off. Mark was on a tear. He totally excoriated Boehner and the budget deal and laid it out in detail. He re-framed my perspective on the whole thing, and so I guess I’ve gone from the skeptical hopeful column back into the skeptical suspicious column. This should teach me to trust my instincts for this stuff… my first response to any situation is usually the correct one.

Mark made the point that it was a cave… that the Republicans should have held their ground and forced Obama to shut down the government. Instead we have, as Mark said, John Boehner, who just last October said that he promised he would cut 100 billion from the budget. That 100 billion went to 71 billion, which then went to 40 billion… and we ended up with 38 billion. Also, as Mark pointed out, “Budget?, what budget? There isn’t one, remember?” And he’s right… there isn’t one.There hasn’t been one since 2009.

The DeMarxists are deathly afraid of presenting their bloated and obscene caricature of governance before the American people… their crimes against the people exposed for all to see. So they’ve kicked the can down the road, as they have done on virtually every critical issue that they did not destroy outright.

Now we are faced with having to go into the fight of our lives with the timid Mr Boehner at the helm, when the DeMarxists have already taken his measure and found him weak. How in hell is he going to be able to face them down when he’s already caved in? That’s like saying I’m going to face up to the town bully… next week.

It looks like it’s going to be tar, pitch and pitchfork time soon folks… oh, and don’t forget the feathers.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

So, Where Do We Go From Here?

We’ve been reading comments about the barely avoided government shutdown that run the gamut of human emotion…from ‘shut it down!’ (from which school of thought I have only recently moved) to high praise for John Boehner’s strategy and everything in between. Certainly, the result so far has been fortuitous… Barack the First is trotting out his own ‘heavy, serious cuts’ next week. That’s a hoot… it’s the best indication that they’ve been stung pretty good.

Aside from the usual diatribes, the left has been reduced to dragging out the ‘right to choose’ bunch again, along with a sudden concern for the ‘children’ and education… and let us not forget granddad eating dog food. The far more likely scenario would be granddad freezing to death because he cannot afford heating oil or gas, because Barack Hussein has made damn sure we’re totally dependent on foreign countries for our energy. Most of those countries love to see us weak and indecisive… which is the sum total of Obama’s foreign policy.

Next, Boehner’s going to have to sell the debt ceiling increase to the American people. It’s going to be a very hard sell. Regardless of Boehner’s motivation for it, the fact remains that if the debt ceiling is not raised we do risk the federal government going into default, which could launch a world wide depression aside from the economic devastation it would cause here. Hopefully, that wouldn’t be the case. But Boehner can’t take that chance… none of us can.

Still, how to balance all the forces in play? He knows that he has to satisfy the coalition of the Patriot Movement and that magic 20% figure that are the independents, who so far have evinced their disgust with the DeMarxist agenda by going over wholesale to the Tea Party. In order to pull this off, thereby saving his own hide, Boehner is going to have to cut deep and often. He’s going to be forced to move forward as much of Paul Ryan’s proposal as he can in order to hold on the Patriot movement.

No, I’m still not completely sold on Boehner. But you have got to admire some of the maneuvering he did to pull this off.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Second Look At The So Called Budget Deal.

No, I haven’t had an epiphany regarding our leadership. We want to trust them and we want to believe what they say. It’s just that we’ve been led down the primrose path before, so we’d have to be certifiably nuts not to be a little bit skeptical.

I was listening to Larry Kudlow, who caught my attention with a different take on John Boehner and his leadership. He’s quite impressed with what Boehner has accomplished, pointing out that the 38 billion dollars are cuts to the base line budget. That translates to some 500 billion dollars in budget reductions over the next ten years. It sets the spending back to pre-2008 levels. That is hugely important. But it’s only part of the story.

The DeMarxists, Harry Reid, Barack Hussein Obama et al, got it put to them. They got their clocks cleaned. Not only that, but it set the stage for the battle over Paul Ryan’s budget proposal later on this month. You’ll never see it on network TV, or PBS and the liberal print media. It was actually fun to watch… Obama and Reid placed all their eggs in the basket when they banked on the Republicans taking it on the chin for shutting down the government once again. It was also fun watching the Lame Stream Media decry a few tourists who may be discomfited by our national monuments being closed. It was a tawdry exercise in yellow journalism, but no more than we’ve come to expect from the LSM.

There was a lot of speculation among Patriot friends of mine about just how gun-shy Boehner and the Republican establishment were going to be over an impending ‘government shutdown’. They got their noses bloodied the last time they allowed the DeMarxists to control the issue and paint the Republicans as heartless baby killers. Ironic, since the DeMarxists are themselves directly responsible for the murders of millions of unborn and near-born children, many of them black babies.

Boehner didn’t flinch. It’s no secret that I’ve been critical of John Boehner’s leadership. It’s also true that I’m impressed with his handling of the situation. He was determined, did not waver, earned the respect of his membership, and managed to give the DeMarxists a bloody nose in the process. He also managed to keep Obama and Reid from whacking military spending… which they clearly stated was their intention.

All in all, I have to give the Republican leadership high marks on this one. It is but the first of many battles to come, and we Patriots cannot take our eyes off of government for a second. Don’t underestimate the amount of weight we can swing on these issues. The Patriot Movement is here to stay, and we are a huge political force to be reckoned with.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Excuse My Skepticism.

As a recovering Republican, I’ve seen the best the party has to offer… specifically the Reagan years which are, for the conservative, the benchmark against which we measure those who would claim the mantle.

For decades this has been the party establishment’s prerogative. They picked the candidate. In all their hidebound, inarticulate, muddle-headed wisdom, time after time they picked the wrong people at just exactly the right time in our country’s political history, to bring us utter and humiliating defeat.

We witnessed the rise of the new media and the advent of the nationwide political action movement which became the Tea Party Patriots. We drove both the liberals and the establishment ‘Repubics’ (thanks, Mark Levin) crazy trying to find some leadership… someone they could isolate to destroy, thereby (they thought) destroying the movement once and for all.

They’ve been spectacularly unsuccessful as we all know, and the best they can do is to attack our conservative women leaders… viciously and repeatedly, as though this would have the desired result. I have my own private theory that at least some of the vitriol is because most of our women are babes and most of theirs are stone dogs. If you need proof of that, just look at a picture of Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin next to Janet (basso profundo) Napolitano, or many others of the hairy-lip-and-arm-pits cadre of lovelies that Hizzhonor Barack the First has orbiting around his regime.

I’m still skeptical about the guts and the steadfastness of our current leadership. Once again we find them content to let the DeMarxists define the argument and, because of their out-and-out timidity, the leadership looks to cave and make a last-minute ‘deal’ that will, at best, cut 39 billion dollars from the budget. Not exactly the bold strokes we’ve been looking for.

We hear the Republican leadership making ‘tailored for patriot ears’ statements. One gets the idea that, given their own volition, Paul Ryan’s comprehensive program for salvaging our economy would be frittered away in meaningless compromise and backroom deal-making.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ryan’s Express.

I really like this guy… extremely articulate, crystal-clear thinking. Paul Ryan’s presentation of the Republican budget proposal was a blockbuster. It was just exactly what the Tea Party Patriots have been demanding all along. Over six trillion dollars in cuts, over the next ten years. The left is in absolute apoplexy.

Paul Ryan, R-Wis, flanked by Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., right, with Rep. Bill Flores, R-Texas, at left.

It’s absolutely hysterical watching them sputter and stutter, and drag out their shopworn 1960s slogans. The same old Marxist saws we’ve heard every single time someone wants to enact some meaningful reform… “We’re starving old people and li’l children”… “we’re forcing granny to fight the kitty for his salmon dinner”. It’s not going to be nearly as productive for them this time.

The American electorate has had plenty of time to examine the Marxists’ language and tactics during the regimes’ mad rush to absolute power. We’ve seen them go through the routine time and again… from granny and the kids, to minorities, to sob-stories for the illegal aliens. We’ve watched as the Democratic Party suborned the democratic process through lies and trickery… so sure of their superiority that they no longer bothered to cloak their evil.

Well, we were watching… and waiting… and we were heard loud and clear last November. Now, this is the Patriots’ (like Ryan) clearheaded approach to the problem which treated less seriously will, not might, completely destroy this country. These measures are clear and very well considered. If enacted they would eliminate the debt by 2020 or so.

They are by no means as draconian as the DeMarxists are trying to make out. The federal government is so huge and so bloated you could carve away half of it and never know the difference. Think about it… what function does the federal government have in most people’s day to day existence? For most of us it’s very little, and for the most part government is an impediment rather than an asset. I saw a ‘Tweet’ that asked, “If non-essential services can be cut with little effect, why do we pay for them in the first place?” Why, indeed?

Too bad that Ryan won’t run for president. But then, he promised his constituents and he’s honoring that promise. He is, after all, a man of honor. Something we could use a lot more of.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Calling It Like It Is… ‘Media Matters War’ May Be A Two-Edged Sword.

There may be some strategic advantage to informing your opponent that you are about to launch an all-out blitzkrieg against the principal conservative media outlets and personalities. Off hand, I can’t think of what it is. No one I know is quaking before the threat.

Mind you, this is not just the usual general harassment. It’s not the usual opposition research, or the usual cacophony of liberal complaint. No indeed. David Brock, MM’s founder, said that he would wage guerrilla warfare and sabotage against Fox News, while claiming that Fox was the sotto voce of the Republican Party and not a legitimate news outlet. That’s really funny. But it does go to illustrate just how far from the mainstream of American thought these elitist Marxists really are.

According to information leaked and picked up by conservative outlets, Media Matters is hiring every commie shyster they can find and they intend to do far more than harass network sponsors. They fully intend to use the politics of personal destruction to disrupt and, if possible, destroy the lives, careers and families of conservative media figures. Rupert Murdoch and his business interests will be attacked ruthlessly.

It came to me that Fox, and other conservative media and artists, don’t have to fight this battle alone… and shouldn’t have to. Fox has carried the remarkable story of the rise of the American Patriot Movement from the very beginning… and even then I sensed that this movement could be huge. That turned out to be something of an understatement.

There’s an awful lot of really clever and well-educated conservatives out there… millions of us in fact. If Fox and Rupert Murdoch can’t take on Media Matters… we can.

If I’m not mistaken, Mark Levin’s Landmark Legal Foundation has been keeping several eyes on the antics of Media Matters, along with other assorted reptiles. What we can do is tear into Media Matters the way they intend to tear into Fox. Forward whatever you can find to people like Mark, or to the various Patriot sites. Trust me, they’ll pick it up, check it out and run with it.

I can’t help but think, all things being equal, that conservatives will withstand close scrutiny far better than their leftist counterparts. Let’s expose these snakes.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

We Are A Nation In Denial.

Maybe it’s something that they’ve been slipping into the water… maybe it’s in those cross-hatched contrails we keep seeing… but that’s a conspiracy theory for another day. I hear a lot of blather about how the the Tea Party Patriot movement has fired its bolt and may now retire to the obscurity that the lame stream media has been working so diligently to convince us is our lot. They’re going to be sorely disappointed.

What I see going on out here, now that I’m able to fully return my attention to the tapestry of world events, is an extremely active and motivated Patriot Movement. And what most of us are focused on is the really miserable mess in our nation’s Capitol. There’s a lot of disappointment out there… it’s discontent bordering on anger and, in some cases, it’s just outright anger.

If the Republican establishment leadership thinks it can survive, much less succeed, without the full support of the American Patriot Movement they’d better have another think. What’s really funny (or sad, depending on your outlook), is that these people have fairly convinced themselves that it was their brilliant strategic grasp of the mood of the nation that swept them to victory.

Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy and the others were given a sacred trust from well over 60% of the voters of this country. That trust came with a mandate to go to war on the deficit and the Marxist policies that are threatening to destroy our civil society. Many, if not most of us in the Patriot Movement, have been more than a little upset at the leadership’s apparent inability to frame the argument through the white noise of the left’s continual cries of Republicans wanting to force Grannie to eat dog food if we do anything at all to stem the economic disaster waiting in the hall. Let them. The American people have them figured out.

If this country is to survive we are going to have to change the ways in which we define the perils which this country faces. We are in the grip of a world conflict and we cannot even get our government to acknowledge that simple fact in spite of overwhelming evidence.

Absence of definition is the breeding ground of denial. It’s time to start calling things as they are, and stop pecking around the issues like a bunch of nervous hens.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

And While I Was Gone…

The world didn’t become a better place. Our absolutely dyspepsic middle eastern policy has just about everybody shaking their heads. Now, the morons want to arm the Libyan rebels so that our guys and gals over there can get our own stuff fired back at us.

‘Her Thighness’, Hillary Clinton, has been rocketing from capital to capital, braying the administration’s next change of course, change of mind, or the next whimsical pronouncement of the ‘Anointed One’, arguably the least influential person on the international scene. Notice I didn’t use the word ‘leader’.

Speaking of leadership, I’ve been watching the antics of the Republican leadership with increasing unease, bordering on anger. They still don’t get it. They had thousands of Tea Party Patriots demonstrating outside Congress and they still don’t get it.

Allow me to lay this out for you establishment Republicans once again… one point seven trillion dollars in deficit this year alone. And now these brave, brave men have the unmitigated temerity to come to the taxpaying patriots of this country with a heroic sixty billion dollars in deficit spending cuts. Words fail me…

The Marxists, in the form of Harry Reid and Upchucky Schumer, are trumpeting that our Republican intransigence will result in a government shutdown. Oh, No! Lions and tigers and bears… Oh, my! This is what has Boehner quaking? Bleating that we’re only 1/2 of 1/3 of the government? This is why he and the rest of the so-called ‘leaders’ that we, you and I, worked hard and skillfully to get elected, have the nerve to say to us that they cannot do the job that we sent them to Washington to do because it may cause a government shutdown!
Shut that sucker down!

What if we shut down the government and nothing happened? Because that’s exactly what would occur. All essential services would still function. The only ones who would be discomfited would be politicians, bureaucrats and parasitic government types in their hundreds of thousands… and that’s a good thing.

I see that Repubic Scott Brown opened his mouth and labeled himself as the new primo RINO in the Senate. I’m sure McCain must be jealous. Mr Brown labeled the insignificant sixty billion dollars in proposed cuts as ‘irresponsible’. One has to wonder… has this man, who we judged to be fairly intelligent, any grasp on reality?

What slays me is that you can hear these various Republicans on the conservative radio talk circuits and they all sound like bold deficit hawks, and reiterate that they know who put them in office and with what mandate. Yet all we get out of the House leadership are these lame squeeks and bleats about why we can’t do something.
Fellow Patriots, I sense another change wind blowing…

Post Script: To those of you who followed my son’s recent illness… we brought him home (he had a drug -resistant pneumonia that almost killed him) and with a few weeks’ rest he should be fine.
Why in the world would any sane person want to trade the most magnificent medical system in the world for Osama… whoops, slip of the keyboard, Obamacare? Think about it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011