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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Memorial Day.

There’s not much I can contribute to the many flowery tributes to our fallen heroes that we saw and heard yesterday. There are just not enough superlatives. On this day that we set aside in remembrance of our war dead, I’m really gratified to see the huge amount of tribute and attention being given to our living military men and women… and their families.

We have, thanks to God, the finest military in the world. They’re an all volunteer military, which means every one of them is a professional… and please don’t give me the saw about minorities and poor whites being forced into the military due to poor economic conditions. These days, the recruiters won’t even talk to you without a high school diploma.

Today’s battlefield is a far cry from those of previous wars. The speed with which information can be passed, and tactical situations changed, on today’s battlefield mean that the average soldier, sailor, Marine or airman has to know far more than did a rifleman at Belleau Wood.

Combat in Afghanistan and Iraq is physically demanding and mentally draining. The enemy is quite literally everywhere and nowhere is totally safe. That’s not the worst part. These magnificent men and women are expected to win in an environment where their own commander-in-chief is not only actively working for their defeat, he’s crippling them of their ability to accomplish their mission by gutting as much of the military as he can. He’s also telegraphed to the Taliban when he intends to reduce our forces in Afghanistan… thereby making everyone’s job more dangerous and in the process giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Some might call that treason. It certainly gives pause for thought. We hear more coming out about our nascent fuhrer actively seeking ways to circumvent the second amendment via executive order.
I think that would just about tear it for most of us.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Monday, May 30, 2011

I Hate Weekend News Cycles.

I guess that’s why most daily columnists don’t write on weekends. Our own research indicates about 1/3 of the readership on weekends. There’s not much going on as a rule, and much of what is out there is second and third tier reporting of last week’s stuff… so I usually save material for the weekends that I normally wouldn’t write about during the week.

Recently, we’ve had a whole series of events and occurrences that have interfered with getting articles out on our intended daily schedule. Everything from work (which is a good thing these days) to my 20 year old son’s mysterious, nearly fatal disease, now completely cured, thank God. Then, within a week, raccoons in the walls of the house chewing up my DSL wires and effectively shutting us down.

So, no more raccoons (we, uh, urged them to vacate… grins), and I’ve made the switch to fiber optic which just now became available here. So, hopefully, Dee and I can get back to some sort of normalcy getting this thing out… no more exotic diseases or critter infestations for a while, thank you. Not that I have anything to complain about. I’m a cup half-full kinda guy… very grateful for what I have and very aware that there are all kinds of folks out there who are hurting very badly and have lost everything.

I’ve been watching the evolution of a revolution for the past two and almost one-half years. I’m damned proud to be a part of that revolution… pulling America back from the abyss of Marxist/Socialist penury. We won a great victory last November. We can win another huge historic election in 2012… but we have to stay focused. We can’t let the DeMarxists and their symbiotic stooges of the Lame Stream Media shunt us off on sideshow issues, which is something they are very practiced at.

Today is Memorial Day. I can see the lights on the flag monument of the Golden Gate National Cemetery from my living room windows. To me, it’s a constant reminder of the very real debt we owe to all those magnificent heroes who have given, and are giving us, everything they have to give to keep us free.

It’s up to us… you and me… and millions upon millions just like us, to ensure that the sacrifice made by millions of American Patriots is not in vain.
Join us.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Incredibly Inept Or Incredibly Wimpy? Who’s Leading Who?

Something just isn’t right with our vaunted Republican leadership… with the exception of a few timid forays into the morass that is the DeMarxist fiscal nightmare… you’d never know that we were being governed by the Conservative juggernaut that caused the greatest political upset in decades.

Somebody ought to tell Mr Boehner that tweeting and twittering isn’t going to get it. You can’t run this thing by remote control. Tweets, twitters, Skypes and other evil sounding names may be okay for the flash dissemination of news and the like. It’s never going to take the place of a principled leadership standing up and calling the Marxists on every single lie, distortion or outright invention out of whole cloth that they utter.

That’s what leadership is about. You don’t allow the opposition to make an issue its own and then sit on your hands and hope it will go away or, like so many establishment Republicans, try to ride it out doing weak and lame-assed damage control.

The reason that the backbone of the American electorate, the Conservative Patriot movements, have been so restive and uncertain is just that. We don’t see a consistent Conservative voice getting our message out and nailing the DeMarxists by calling them out on their lies.There have been flashes of brilliance in an otherwise murky landscape.

Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor seem to be the only Republican leaders in the whole crop who get it. I’m sure there are those out there who feel that I’m painting these guys with too wide a brush.

I remind you that this is the race of our lifetimes and that in fact it will determine whether or not America shall remain a free country of free people.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Run, Chris, Run.

We’re hearing a battery of bleats out there about Governor Chris Christie as a possible presidential candidate. And were it based only on the tough choices he has forced his state to confront, and the skill with which he’s stood up to his state’s unions and their rent-a-goons, you’d have to say that he might just be a good choice if he could be convinced to run. That’s if you didn’t look any farther… I did, as have some other people.

If you look at what Christie has said on some very key issues for Conservatives, the luster starts to dull. He has stated that he wants to see ‘A Pathway To Citizenship’ for illegal immigrants. Sounds a little like our erstwhile presidential candidate, doesn’t it?

Even more troubling for Conservatives will be the Governor’s view of the Second Amendment. It won’t take much more research than to look up Christie’s 1995 anti-gun ad campaign during his run for State Assembly. That would do it for most Patriot gunners right there, I’m sure.

The final nail in Chris Cristie’s presidential aspirations should be his espousal of ‘green energy’, which is scarily reminiscent of The Anointed One’s assault on domestic energy production, and the coal industry in particular.

So it would seem that for all Mr. Christie’s accomplishments in reigning in New Jersey’s wild excesses… he is, in fact, another Republican In Name Only. It is my firm belief that this country cannot survive with a moderate RINO at the helm.

Keep your eyes and ears wide open. Don’t let the LSM (lame stream media) or the establishment Repubics foist more phony candidates on us. They both like to use the same means to different ends.

The way I read it, the establishment old guard aren’t even that adverse to losing an election, as long as it maintains them in their ‘comfort zone’… which then logically and tragically becomes our discomfort zone.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And What Will You Do For Your Encore, Ali Obama?

It’s going to be a tough act to follow… selling out our strongest and best ally in all of the world. Now, Obama has proclaimed loudly that “No, no, you guys got it all wrong… I didn’t say what I said, even though the entire world heard me say it”.

Once again, I’m amazed at the incoherence of the Obama White House. I think the Muslims in his government have encouraged and influenced him in this most boneheaded move of all foreign policy boondoggles… though it should suit the banana slugs over at State just fine. Antisemitism is the mothers milk of their warped minds, and has been ever since the US State Department refused entry to a ship full of Jewish refugees fleeing Hitler’s SS and the holocaust. Those people were returned to Europe. To their deaths.

The attitude at Smoggy Bottom hasn’t changed since… it’s long since time for someone to clean that agency out. It would be inexcusable if they were good at what their job is supposed to be… but they’re not. Their philosophy cozies right up to Lord Obama The Inept’s, though… they never saw a ‘Palestinian’ whose posterior they would not firmly attach their lips to.

I think this country has had about all it cares to stomach of The Inept’s Muslim outreach. As a matter of fact, there is going to come a time when the Muslims in this country are going to have to fish or cut bait. America’s tolerance for Islamic infiltration of our schools, our childrens’ curriculum, our financial institutions and our governments will attenuate very quickly as soon as we have a Constitutional government worth the name. The sedition and treason laws need to be brought out of obscurity and enforced across the board.

Obama’s like the snake in the high grass around camp… you can’t take your eye off him for an instant.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Newt’s Long March.

It’s going to be a long road for our friend Newt Gingrich, as he sets off down that long, lonesome presidential campaign trail. The campaigning is brutal under the best of circumstances, but the remnants of the Lame Stream press, in sync with DeMarxist union thuggery, are going to make this an especially politically-bloody gauntlet which every Republican / Conservative candidate will be forced to run.

The left has its knives out, and with the boorishness which has exemplified the behavior of the left thus far you can be assured that wives and children will not be spared. Newt comes into this race with some old ‘infidelity’ issues which should be history, but are now being exposed all over again with the Schwarzenegger revelation. Fair or not, it’s going to be hashed out all over again.

To say that Newt stepped in it last weekend is giving a new meaning to the term ‘understatement’. Newt has spent all week doing damage control… some of it sounded convincing.

I mentioned that I had a real problem with the direction I had seen some of Newt’s thinking taking, at least through his public utterances. He sounded like he wasn’t in sync with the movement of the country into Constitutional Patriotism… his early criticisms of the Tea Party Patriots have not been forgotten. Neither have we forgotten Mr Gingrich and ‘Nancy-of-the-smiling-eyes-Pelosi’ sitting there and telling us we had to find solutions for ‘climate change‘. I guess Newt has us all pegged as deniers.

Newt Gingrich has a powerful intellect. I’m just not sure about his focus… or his critical judgment.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Obama’s Humiliating Repudiation: Bibi Takes Him To The Woodshed.

It was classic… Obama trying what appears to me to be a last-ditch desperation grasp at ‘shaping’ the middle-east ‘peace process’ and leaving behind the imprimatur of an insanely dysfunctional foreign policy, in which Hussein Obama sheds any vestige of disguising his Muslim leanings by throwing Israel, our strongest ally in the middle-east, under the bus.

Obama, the spoon-fed academic Marxist, has no sense of history, or geo-political reality for that matter. Apparently, neither do the Marxist savants he has shaping his policies. The very fact that his ‘advisers’ allowed him to call for Israel to fall back to the pre-1967 war boundaries is… well… stunning in its naivete.

The blithe, arrogant assumption that the world would tremble at the sage words of the Anointed One, and that the Israelis would finally see their place in Obama’s Jew-hating universe, is breathtaking to see.

Barack Hussein has no real world experience to bring to the table. He isn’t equipped with much of anything else, either. In point of fact, he is without a doubt the most ill-equipped president in all of US history to deal with virtually any issue.

Binyamin Netanyahu, or ‘Bibi’, is everything Obama is not. He took Obama to the woodshed, simultaneously giving His Magnificence and his factually challenged government a badly needed perspective on middle-eastern history, and shredding Obama’s entire policy presumption in one smoothly delivered, concisely worded repudiation of all things Obama. In fact, he made Barack Hussein Obama look exactly like the lightweight he is. I’m having fun watching the Lame Stream Demarxist press trying to spin this as anything but the humiliating rejection that it was.

Israel is a tiny country, with a population of only 7million, 4 hundred something thousand souls, surrounded by 344 million largely hostile Arabs. She can’t afford a mistake. There is something that her militant Islamic foes should consider… Israel has had the capability to reduce her enemies to atomic slag since the late 1950s. They also have multiple delivery systems and an effective second strike capability.

The very fact that Israel has not used this ‘final solution’ to the Islamic threat to their country should give any sane person pause for reflection. But then, that would presume finding some sanity among middle-eastern fanaticism.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

Obama, Ardent Anti-Semite.

If there are any of my Israeli friends who have any vestige of belief that Barack Hussein Obama is harboring any good will at all toward Jews in general, or Israel in particular, Obama’s speech yesterday (if that’s what it could be called) should have ended any such illusions.

IDF soldiers guarding the border with Syria.

Obama’s servile pandering to the Islamic fundamentalists is leaving no doubt about where his true sympathies lie… it’s readily apparent here in the United States where there are Muslims embedded throughout his administration, Muslims infiltrating our educational and financial sectors, universally whining and decrying the ‘unjust’ treatment that they receive at our hands.

Obama just might be able to break the deathlike grip that the DeMarxists, and all things socialist, have had on the electoral habits of America’s Jewry. Obama’s attack on Israel… because that’s what it was… will most certainly draw the ire of the many American supporters of Israel… and that’s about 80% of the country. Hopefully, another nail in Obama’s political coffin. He’s been collecting a lot of those lately.

Stated plainly, Israel would have to be completely out of their collective minds and bent on sure and certain national suicide to agree to a single thing Barack Obama said. He’s not going to get any ‘peace process’ going now or ever. His goal is the goal of the Arab Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah… that is to say, the ultimate destruction of the State of Israel.

Maybe it’s just my Marine instinct peeking through but to me, but the simultaneous incursion across three borders by Islamist ‘protesters’ looked a lot like a rehearsal. What was frankly disturbing was the somewhat fragmented and confused response of the IDF.

Hey guys, it’s like this… if the stuff goes down you may not get a second chance to react. Your enemy has been out in the hallway lifting weights and doing push-ups, while you’ve been playing pat-a-cake with Obama and the Hildebeast over how much defensible border to give away to people who want you dead.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Plot Thickens.

It’s no secret that there are no clear GOP front runners appearing on the scene, and the remaining potential heavies are waiting on the side. It’s also no secret that the DeMarxist press would love to give America the impression that the Republican Party is hopelessly fragmented. Sprinkle that with a liberal (cough) dose (this is sounding worse by the second) of Obama the Unbeatable.

I joined the Marine Corps at a time when there was a move to curb the wonderfully colorful language in general use throughout the Corps. So the troops, good Marines all, trained to adapt and overcome, invented words to take the place of the proscribed language. For instance, ‘Horse S—’ became ‘Horse Pucky’, etc. That’s what I have to say to the brain dead Lame Stream press today… horse pucky.

Obama the Unbeatable… Obama’s chickens are coming home to roost. You can’t change the narrative anymore. It’s simple really. America no longer has to depend on them for news or reporting. Our own New Media has given Americans the choice of whether to listen to the garbage pumped out by the Lame Stream 24/7, or the factual reporting and commentary of the thousands of American Patriots who comprise most of the new media.

I heard that disgusting slime Demarxist, UpChucky Schumer, pontificating on the demise of the Conservative movement caused by the Tea Party, or some such bleatings. Hey, Chucky… go crawl back under your rock.

What we are waiting for is one strong true conservative to step up and take on Obama. That’s why Americans responded the way they did to Donald Trump… many of us felt all along that his was not really a serious bid. But, he stood his ground and challenged Obama over and over about the birth certificate… and managed to generate enough heat to the point where Obama’s handlers felt he had to respond. Though some people out there are having real problems with this most recent of his ‘birth documents’, Trump forced his hand.

That’s what we’re looking for in leadership. Is it out there?
We’d better pray that it is.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Obama White House Scrambles To Overcome Disastrous Predictions.

Submit your narrative… they’ll take all the help they can get up there in the rarefied atmosphere of Socialist/Marxist academia, with whom our wannabe dictator has surrounded himself.

They’re witnessing a ‘dimple‘. That’s a bump in reverse for Obama, folks, despite the disgustingly pandering, slobbering headlines lauding Osama… whoops, Obama… for his ‘boldness’, ‘fearless leadership’ and ‘decisiveness’. It was really disgusting. Stated somewhat indelicately… it was enough to gag any self respecting maggot.

You’ve gotta feel for them though. It’s a real rough sell. The drive bys were calling for Obama to gain anywhere from 5% to a wildly prayerful 15%, by one cable lefty with no viewership. Then, after all the Lame Stream types had exhausted all their superlatives on Barack Hussein and each other, in the light of a more sober morning that 15% approbation for the glorious leader had become a -2, as his ratings again began to free-fall.

What this should tell us is that the American people were not fooled by all the hoopla, smoke, mirrors and utter disorganization placed on display for the American people to see… and judge. All credit went to the magnificent special operations warriors who pulled off this very dicey, very dangerous raid in the middle of what has to be considered as hostile territory, nominal ally or not.

Very little of the adulation lavished upon these nameless, faceless heroes rubbed off on poor Obama. Can’t get no respect, no how. And that is the narrative. He doesn’t have anything to run on. His every move, his every act has been a significant failure. It’s harder and harder to believe that it hasn’t been purposeful.

America has had it with being lied to and being attacked from within. Tea Party?!… They haven’t seen a Tea Party until they see what’s coming between now and 2012. You can feel the energy out there. They’re going to feel it too.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Herd Thins.

Okay, the Republican field has been miserable so far. It’s already apparent that certain elements, the establishment RINOs on one side and the frantically maneuvering Marxists attempting to influence you as to this candidate or that on the other, don’t have our best interests in mind. Pretty obviously, anyone touted by either camp should be carefully examined in the light of real conservatism.

Laura Bush calls Mitch Daniels wife Cheri, well known for a strong sense of revulsion for all things political, and encourages her to get behind Mitch in a run for the Republican nomination. First of all, I think we’ve all had enough of the Bushies for a while.

The very fact that the Bush political machinery is pushing Daniels ought to tell you something. Once again, for the brain cell challenged out there… Mitch Daniels is a RINO on a number of issues critical to the ultimate survival of our country, our Constitution and our way of life. Mitch Daniels is a nice guy. He’s just not the man for the job. Another ‘moderate’ is about the last thing this country needs.

Mitt Romney has made a monumental miscalculation. He just hasn’t figured out that aside from the economy and the border, the biggest issue the people have is that they want ‘Obamacare’ repealed… not fixed, not repaired, repealed. There is no way Mitt can separate himself from the image of the wholesale pillage of the legislative and legal process that is Obamacare. There is no way he is going to divorce himself from what ‘Romneycare’ has done to the health care system in his state. His mistake should cost him the nomination.

Mike Huckabee has announced that he is not running. I know that upsets many evangelicals, but I think it was the right decision. I have nothing at all against Mike, but he’s not the guy for the job at a time when the world is sitting on a powder keg with a short fuse. Not that the present occupant of the White House is any confidence maker in the decisiveness category either. There are rumblings out there that Obama sat on the Bin Laden intel for as much as nine months. Such a surprise.

Newt Gingrich has announced that he’s running. Newt certainly will bring a refreshing clarity and directness to the arena. But, I can’t help remember some of the really bad calls he made on the run up to the 2010 elections. And don’t forget he’s a very recent, and I believe reluctant, advocate of the Tea Party Patriot movement. He’s really going to have to be closely scrutinized and questioned regarding some of his statements. The jury is out on him at this point.

Remember to be critical and take absolutely nothing at face value.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Republican Squeeze: “The Debt Ceiling, Can We Fool Them Again?”

I sincerely hope that’s not what’s going on, but hope is a thin thread on which to hang the survival of our representative republican form of government. Uh, to those brain-lesioned ‘progressives’ out there… we do not, as the Lame Stream Press is so fond of stating, live in a democracy. True democracies are nut houses… a little like the current administration. But then, the DeMarxist party has been a squirrel cage for a long time.

It took a national malaise, coupled by an almost historical disregard of facts by adults in this nation who should have known better, to bring us to this pass in which our nation at present finds itself.

With regard to the issue of the debt ceiling. I’m of the firm belief that this is where we have to make our stand. Either this leadership, this Republican Congress, recognizes that we simply cannot do it, we can’t spend more!, or else…

Boehner’s bold statement saying that we won’t allow one dollar in spending without a dollar in spending cuts… What!? Uh, John. Don’t you think that’s a little ‘harsh’? After all, we’re only in the hole by 14 or 15 trillion dollars. Good gravy! What the hell does it take to get through to these knotheads?

And now… wait until you hear this… Mitch McConnell, arch RINO, is calling for la grande accorde. “Why, it’s time for both sides to come together in the ‘great deal’.” Why do I sense McCain in this too… Or maybe he’s too busy pushing illegal alien amnesty.

I don’t know about you, but somehow I don’t see such a liaison as a happy ending for us… the American patriot, citizen and taxpayer. I, for one, am sick to death of their stupid games. One can only assume they haven’t gotten the message.

We get a wide variety of comments here, some from quite surprising sources. I’m not in the poll or prediction business, but we do get a pretty good feel for the mood of the country on issues. I’m here to tell you that nothing has changed. The anger is still boiling just below the surface… and the undeniable truth is in front of each and every citizen’s nose every time they have to buy gas or go to the grocery store. Every time I see a one dollar and sixty cent item selling for close to four dollars, I think of who and what is responsible… and I’m not alone.

This 2012 election is ours to lose. What really scares me is that the Republicans are plenty stupid enough to lose it for us.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Maobama Does The Border Shuffle.

And no, it’s not the old soft-shoe either… though our race-baiting, Balkanizing, anti-American President looks more and more like some Vaudeville clown with every passing day.

Before I explore that farther, I’d like to take this opportunity to address a few comments we got yesterday that I feel need to be addressed. These comments were along the lines of, “If the leadership votes to increase the debt ceiling, I will have had it with the (Republican) party”.

Hey, I feel you, I really do… but listen. No splinter group, no third party, will ever be successful in this political climate. At best, what will occur is that the Conservative vote will be split, handing the DeMarxists another victory. I don’t think we’ll be fooled by another Ross Perot, but if you look at the way the Lame Stream Media is pushing Mitch Daniels as one of the few people the White House is afraid of… give me break please… sic ad nauseum. Mitch Daniels is another in the mold of centrist deal-makers that the GOP keeps pushing forward. Anybody that the inside-the-beltway pundits want to bring forward can’t be good for Conservatism or America.

What we need to do, folks, is to make the RINOs pay at the ballot box. We have the numbers for it. Don’t believe the LSM when they try to convince you that the Tea Party is finished… that we’ve shot our bolt. Man, are they in for some culture shock! We’re here… and we’re getting more angry every day that the clowns on both sides of the political spectrum delay the inevitable reckoning with the obscene 14 trillion debt which is crushing this country… and any hint of a real recovery.

Meanwhile, down in Texas, the Anointed One has launched into full illegal alien amnesty mode and the Demarxists have re-launched the Dream Act, which should be put back to bed for a long sleep… like permanently. There was not one single word of truth in anything that Obama said in his demagogic rant. Apparently, I’m not the only one who thought so. There were audible cries of ‘racist’.

It’s a far cry from the adulation of the empty-headed masses. Gee, Obama, maybe you should have made it a kegger.
Now, if the Repubic leadership can just figure out who the enemy is….

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Obamanomics: You Can’t Have It ‘Cause I Want It. It’s Too Good For You.

No matter how you slice it, just about all of us have had all of Barack Hussein Obama’s non-existent recovery… or his delusional monetary policies… forget Geithner and Bernanke. This economy is Obama and Obama alone… if, and that’s a big ‘if’, with the questionable leadership of the Republicans who ‘came in like a lion’ and are currently slinking around in the background, trying to figure out how to get out of all that bold talk about how they were going to be the forefront of the Conservative Revolution.

This isn’t what we sent them to Congress for, folks… not by a long shot. The Repubics (thanks, Mark, it just sounds so much like what they are) have been distancing themselves from Paul Ryan’s proposed cuts.

What’s really sticking in my craw, and probably a lot of yours too, is that His Imperial Wannabe and his entire rotten regime are so imminently beatable. Him and his Senate have absolutely nothing to run on… nothing! And yet we are witnessing a Republican Party, and most especially a leadership, which is working hard to lose it all for us.

They pretty obviously have forgotten who put them in office. Some weak Repubics are just going along to be part of the herd. Sorry… not good enough. To those establishment Repubics who think they have hijacked, or somehow or another suborned, the Tea Party Patriot movements… you’ve shown us just what and who you are. The debt ceiling issue may very well turn out to be the leadership’s swan song as far as the Conservatives/Tea Party/Patriots are concerned.

There are very few families, or singles for that matter, who have not been affected by this recession/depression. We’re all pretty sore about it. People do know who’s responsible.
I’m predicting a large scale RINO hunt.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

No Body, No Pictures – “Trust Us”.

When one of your kids tells you a plausible tale, and then proceeds to change the story… several times, you can safely assume that you’re being taken for a walk down the primrose path. Hopefully, it’s just youthful high-jinks and not a symptom of other underlying issues.

Likewise, when our government makes a spectacular claim of achievement and then changes its story several times, virtually within hours… and then several more times daily for almost a week… well, something just isn’t right.

Couple that to this regime’s record for veracity. Is it any wonder that most of the country’s mood about this whole thing is uniformly skeptical, now that the first flush of exuberance over the execution of the # 1 most visible terrorist in the world, and the admitted mastermind of the murder of three thousand Americans, is over?

This Marxist cabal, masquerading as a legitimate government, has for two and a half weary years lied through their eye-teeth and every other orifice they possess. The definition of insanity being repeating the same action with negative results over and over again.

Nothing can take away from the magnificent performance of our special forces people around the globe. These heroes’ deeds go largely unsung in their unending war with Islamic terror. The unvarnished truth is that these dedicated “best of the best” understand, as do I, that we are in a world war right now. A war without borders or rules other than kill or be killed, and the measure of how good you really are is how long you live.

This war, which the pantywaists in our government refuse to call a war, would have already washed over us had it not been for the sacrifice of our military. The surest indication of that is the treatment of, or the supposed treatment of, the corpse of Bin Laden. Instead of rolling that filth up in a pigskin with a mouth full of pig testicles and dumping him in the main square in Islamabad, we gave him a deep six burial… with a forty minute diatribe disguised as a prayer service in Arabic, no less. Wanna bet it was at the direct orders of Hussein Obama?

What about Daniel Pearl, Obama? Remember him? Your scumbag friends couldn’t wait to show the Jewish boy screaming his life away as they cut his throat.
We want to see the pictures… we want to see the evidence.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Intelligence And Special Ops Triumph Over The Worst Obama’s Marxists Can Do.

From all reports, it was a nearly flawless operation with the exception of the loss of one helicopter. We’ll probably never know all of the details, nor should we. Special operations / black ops are just that… highly clandestine, and therefore almost always top secret.

It’s also a singular truth that the left, starting with Jimma Boy Carter, has been steadily eroding our intelligence community’s ability to defend our country’s interests throughout the world. Even Carter’s bumbling incompetence couldn’t match the decimation of the ‘first most ethical administration in US history’… that of Billy Jeff Clinton. He, Hillary, and the rest of the Marxists in his government, did their best to decimate not only the intelligence community and cripple their ability to do their jobs, but leaked classified information at every opportunity.

Our ‘assets’ (agents and informers) were compromised all over the world, and many lost their lives to this shameful treason… the Clintons, along with Senator Dianne Feinstein, whose husband Richard Blum has been in bed with the Chicoms for over 25 years. Deeply embedded, I should say. He and his leftist wife have made multiple millions of dollars, literally on the backs and bodies of our gallant and magnificent military. This is the pedigree that our increasingly onerous Hussein Obama brings to the table. Another snake in a long line of snakes.

In my article the day before yesterday I alluded that this operation was not any great act of courage by the Enlightened One, but rather the culmination of ten years of hard and concentrated work set in motion by George Bush. Obama never would have made such a move on his own.

What happened was that he was forced into giving his ok for the operation. Obama, the great lover of all things Muslim, would never have given up his icon except under huge political duress. He was faced with the political certainty that if he buried this intel, someone would release it during the hottest part of the 2012 election cycle and that, on top of the rest of his dismal performance, would put finis to his second term aspirations.

The surest indication of the truth of this is that Obama didn’t get the ratings ‘bounce’ of which the left was so palpitatingly expectant. It didn’t happen.
Nothing Obama can say or do is going to sway the American people, no matter what the legions of his Lame Stream Media have to say about it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Special Forces Take Out Osama Bin Laden.

This is great news, for a number of very good reasons. The Blighted One will probably try and take credit for the manhunt that was initiated by Obama’s much-maligned predecessor, George Bush. The truth is, and don’t let any of the BS we’re about to hear blasted across the airwaves fool you, that this is the culmination of a manhunt that began on September 11, 2001. It is very much like Obama to take credit for other people’s work… and ideas. No matter, it’s still a great boost to American morale.

The early hours of May 2, 2011... the crowd at Ground Zero remembers.

We found out how very close we came to bagging him during the combined ops assault on the mountain fortress of Tora Bora in December 2001. Since then, the noose has been slowly tightened by hundreds of special forces operatives and intelligence agents. I’m listening to the Dismal Failure in the White House as I’m writing this and, true to form, it’s ‘I’, ‘Me’ and ‘My’ all over the place. This may turn out to be the one highlight in Obama’s one term (from my keyboard to God’s ears) presidency.

More importantly, it tells every two-bit bad guy out there that if he becomes a big enough pain in the butt we’ll come after you and we’ll kill you. We can expect the Islamists to go ape doo doo over this. Well and good. We may as well let them know that we understand that we are in a war to the death with their seventh century cult of death.

The message is this… we may have our internal issues but our country has a way of cleansing itself of people like Barack Hussein Obama and his Marxist cabal. People in countries around the world also know that China and their puppet surrogate North Korea, Russia, Iran, Syria, and that idiot in Venezuela notwithstanding… this is, and shall remain, the greatest country in the world… and they know it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

San Francisco Bay Area And Northern California Patriot Alert.

May… the first of the month, international communism’s banner day, when the enlightened prance around maypoles singing ‘The International’… or else! They already had April 22 set aside as Earth Day, under the guise of international greenery and enough vacuum-brained kumbaya to gag a skunk ape.

In another coincidental, totally random accident of history, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was born to well-off, upper middle class parents on April 22, 1870. Just goes to show you that privileged ingrates weren’t invented in the sixties. Then we have Karl Marx, who entered into this veil of tears on May 5, 1818… also of privileged background. That’s how it started back then. Those of privilege and wealth telling poor, uneducated masses that paradise lay around the corner… just trust us.

Not much has changed in the intervening years. It didn’t work then… it hasn’t worked anywhere since… it’s not working now, though the mouth that roared is doing his best to see it brought to fruition. Then the left ran into the Patriot Movement. It’s the left’s immovable object. It’s the American people and the American spirit in all its amazing resilience and determination.

Today, May 1st, in illegal alien enclaves all over the nation, illegal felons will parade demanding their rights in our sovereign nation. This column strongly urges any Patriots within any of these cities to find out where your local Tea Party groups are gathering to protest this blight upon our sovereign soil and the laws of our country, and join them.

Here, in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Bay Area Patriots are meeting at San Francisco City Hall at 12 noon today.

The Los Angeles Lame Stream press is already throwing out hysteria leads like ‘Tea Parties could mean trouble’ ad vomitum. If you recall last year, the only trouble came from the felonious felons themselves. Still, as they say, there is safety in numbers… especially in the world’s greatest outdoor toilet.
If there are enough of us, the cretins will think twice about starting anything.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011