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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dr Doom Deals A Losing Hand.

Imagine that Obama’s latest disaster wasn’t dead on arrival. Say the nation suddenly decided en masse to completely dismantle our nuclear deterrent as a shining example to the world. How safe would you feel?

Obama and Medvedev at the APEC summit in Yokohama, November 2010.

Realistically, we’d be stuck in a conventional defensive posture without the strength to curtail the spread of nuclear weapons. With smaller dictatorships lining up to be able to access tactical or larger bombs, sooner or later someone is going to pop a cap, to use the street parlance for it. Worst case would be that one of them would decide to toss one our way just make a point… or several if they thought they could get away with it.

Yeah, ok, it is a pretty far out scenario. But not so much different than the reality of the START treaty would be to our ability to preempt or deter nuclear attacks against us and our allies.

START would be a hard sell, even if Obama was not a badly damaged president whose every move has been motivated by hatred of America and its capitalist economic system which has been, and still is, the envy of the world he absolutely detests. From his liberal mother to his Indonesian mullahs, then Frank Marshal Davis and George Soros. America haters all. All this, not to even mention the wrong-Reverend Jeremiah Wright, or his close ties to The Muslim Brotherhood and The Nation of Islam.

I’m one of those people who is constantly following the lines and connecting the dots. Best of all, the money says it all. I don’t believe for a minute that Obama hasn’t carefully planned every move he’s made, and he’s only had one aim in mind. The destruction of this country. There’s just no other way to connect those dots.

The (former) White House is leaking like a sieve. His administration has leaked more material than all of the administrations since the Revolutionary War. He and his entire government are a real-life disaster area. This is a bunch of neophyte nincompoops, not a government.

Obama has sold off so much of himself that there’s not enough left of him to make a decent sandwich. I heard today that medical coverage for the children of some of his pet union workers was going to be dropped. Not the union bosses, you understand. Not the SEIU or the AFL-CIO, not Andy Stern. Certainly not Richard Trumka or any of his union bosses. The workers… they’re the ones losing the coverage for their children.

That’s Dr Doom’s next hand… and oh, by the way… how’s that hopey-changey stuff now?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

Patriot Movement And Establishment Square Off.

It’s almost comical to see the flying posteriors and elbows of the establishment elitists as they madly scramble to attempt to co-opt the arriving freshmen representatives. Only they’re just not having any luck with this bunch… or very little. Maybe enticing away a moderate here or there, who would have most likely gone RINO on us anyhow. A target for the next cycle.

Boehner, Cantor and Pence.

This new crop has a bone in its teeth. These folks are on a mission and aren’t likely to forget why they were sent to Washington. They have, in addition, the historical perspective afforded them by the Heritage Foundation and the Conservative Republicans. For once, I think we may have some leadership with the plain intestinal fortitude that’s required if you’re going to fight these Marxists, wherever they are.

With guys like Eric Cantor, Darrell Issa, John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy, Pete Sessions, to say nothing of Mike Pence and Paul Ryan… strong Conservatives all. Tough and no-nonsense, these are the faces of the New Conservative leadership to whom our younger Conservative members will be looking for guidance and inspiration… and not the elitist, erstwhile movers and shakers who until just recently were still congratulating themselves on destroying the chances of some very fine Republican candidates, simply because they were not the choices of the party anointed elite. Yet they were clearly the choice of the American people.

So how should we reply to such blatant skulduggery within our own ‘party’? We watched, we know who you are. When your cycle is up… so are you. We’ve been catching it in the shorts from the entrenched so-called party elite for so long it’s a severe temptation to launch the entire strength of the Tea Party Patriots against them in open internecine warfare.

The result, I fear, would be a wrecked Republican Party and a Patriot Movement forced into governing… something it was never meant to do. No. We’ll have to defeat them at their own game, then throw out the stale rulebook and start again.

The Tea Party will always serve the country best by its dogged determination and its eternal vigilance in the cause of liberty.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dr Doom And The Other Cult Of Death.

It didn’t start with this president, or even the one before him, though George Bush did make a serious mistake by characterizing Islam as “a religion of peace”. That entirely false premise has hampered this country’s ability to clearly identify and define a proven and sworn mortal enemy of America, and the entire western world for that matter.

In some strange Pavlovian fashion, no doubt fostered by the ‘governing elites’ of both parties, and promulgated by the ever submissive and slavish lame stream media, whenever the words Muslim, Islam, Islamist or CAIR show up, everybody just clams up and gives it all a great big pass.

Anything Islamist, good. Anything American or patriotic, bad. The denial of the simple facts, that a short course in recent history reveal a systematic series of obfuscation, diversions and outright lies about attacks against us, going back a good 20 or 30 years. 31 years to be precise… with the internationally perceived weak pacifist and apologist Jimmy Carter.

In the murky, factional, pseudo-political, tribal-based, religious, squabbling world of the Middle East he was not only not to be feared, he was to be despised for his weakness. So despised, as a matter of fact, that they (the Islamo-fascists) felt confident enough to invade our embassy, sovereign American soil. An out-and-out declaration of war.

When faced with the strength and determination of a Ronald Reagan, they immediately rolled over. They knew, just as every true coward and bully does in his heart of hearts, that this was a man not to be trifled with.

Islam is not, and never has been, a religion of peace. It is, in fact, a death cult. Its writings promote death, torture, conquest, persecution, rapine and oppression. It is the only ‘so-called’ religion on Earth that canonizes conquest and the slaughter of innocents.

Our Dr Doom has a magnanimous view of Islam, probably as a result of his early exposure to all things Muslim. Later, as we know, his anti-American hatred would be honed at the crucible of avowed communist ex-officio Frank Marshall Davis.

That’s what has bothered me most about Dr Doom. After the first few times I heard the guy speak I thought, ‘This guy doesn’t like America. I can hear it in his voice’. It was true. For all his high-flown rhetoric he doesn’t sound like an American. He sounds like someone observing America, but not a part of it… a stranger in our midst.

America and the entire western world had better wrap their minds around the fact that we are up to our necks in an inter-generational, world-wide war that may last for a century… with people who do not compromise, who only respect power, and absolute power at that, who will stop at nothing to achieve their stated goal of worldwide conquest.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dr Doom And The Cult Of Death.

Barack Hussein and the Marxist Clown College, including the functionally impaired minions lurking in the (former) White House, dreaming their dreams of Marxian Utopia. Spawned, nurtured and polished by radical socialist academics, who haven’t the first clue as to how the country they are presuming to dictate to really works.

To a man, or for you PC hangups, to a person, they know nothing past their feverish dreams of Utopian perfection, blithely ignoring the perspective history has taught us about every single attempt at collective socialism… or if it floats your boat, Keynesian economics.

Ancient Rome, a massive behemoth which, when the trappings of empire were stripped away, never could self-sustain. Its people addicted to government grain handouts, farmers taxed by the output of their production leaving little incentive to grow more food, extravagant spectaculars to keep the ordinary Roman’s mind off his poverty, a government rife with corruption and intrigue.

Does any of this sound familiar? It should. This scenario of ancient Rome could be Washington. It certainly has all the trappings of a decadent empire.

We’re watching the fruits of the almost universally despised Obamacare begin to ripen as it’s shaping up to be a disaster on every level… and there’s crap buried throughout this monstrous tome which could well break the bank by itself, let alone what we can see at this point.

One of the most glaring of the many outrageous lies perpetrated by Barack Hussein is that our seniors would be able to keep their Medicare and their own doctors. Guess what? Half a trillion dollars has been stripped away from Medicare and the Obama administration is trying to force 30 million people into a one-size-fits-all medical system, doomed to failure from its inception.

Those ‘death panels’ that the liberal media had such fun with Sarah Palin over? Guess what? They’re real… just ask Paul Krugman. He finally came out and said the death panels will be working overtime to rid us of those pesky seniors and oh, by the way, we need a VAT tax to help fund the government.

So we see that Obama is stripping medical coverage and benefits from seniors across this country. More frightening still are the hundreds of doctors whose practices can no longer afford to take Medicare patients because their payment schedules have been decimated by the DeMarxists’ depredations.

Dr Doom… and the cult of death. Only one of several for our good Doctor. Tell our Conservative Senators and Representatives that we don’t want Obama care fixed.
We want it repealed, to remain forever on the manure pile of history.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

What’s With The Brits?

It’s not your grandpa’s MI6. Britain behaves like a defeated nation. The government so fears the muslims in its own population that they would align themselves with those who would see them destroyed.

MI6 Headquarters, London

Stuxnet is raising Cain with not only Iran’s centrifuges but, as I predicted, their military targeting computers as well. It’s no coincidence that there are reports of penetration of Iranian air space during such periods.

I have no idea where Stuxnet was spawned. The implication was that it was done by hackers… I believe that it was a creation of Israel with the aid of the US.

I said that Iranian claims that they had cornered the critter and all was rosy were so much garbage. It turned out that I was right. Stuxnet is the gift that keeps giving… it works by being patient and opportunistic. Then, when it does strike, it spreads like crazy.

Is it possible that Britain can be that badly deceived? As reported, MI6 thinks the Stuxnet worm is national enemy #1. News reports on British television, by so-called ‘experts’, have completely omitted the fact that in every country where the worm has been detected it has been benign… except Iran.

American intelligence would like to see Stuxnet pay a visit to North Korea and her nuclear program. Whether it would be possible to plant the worm, in as tightly-controlled a country as N. Korea, remains to be seen.

Korea or not, I think that Britain should consider her position with regard to Stuxnet, and the real reason for pandering to muslims by the condemnation of the virus with regard to Iran.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving – Time To Reflect On Our God And Our Freedom.

I’ve been absolutely appalled listening to the insipidly ‘tame’ individuals willingly trading their freedom for the dubious safety afforded by the dysfunctional TSA and its entire apparatus. Fact: The TSA has neither detected nor prevented a single incidence of terrorism since its inception, despite the inconvenience and discomfiture of millions of traveling Americans.

This government has come closer than any number of enemies to subjugating the American people. Our forefathers of only a few generations ago would be appalled at the reach of Washington into our personal affairs and our daily lives. They would not have tolerated it. Washington or no Washington, they would have stopped the nonsense dead in its tracks.

Just to aid the liberally challenged out there… neither would they have recognized the so-called ‘separation of Church and State’. It simply didn’t exist. There is no such precept anywhere in the Constitution or in any of the Founding Documents. The only reason it has been permitted to exist at all is because of the weakness and timidity of self-described ‘men of the people’ who had not the courage of their supposed convictions.

Had the proponents of the secularist removal of God from the body politic been confronted with determination and purpose, their arguments would have dissolved in the face of the Constitution itself.
It is my firm belief that our so-called Republican leadership has been highly culpable in this regard. Much more willing to cave at the first onslaught of the secular left than to stand and fight on principle. That’s why the establishment of the GOP must undergo a reformation or be left behind.

By abrogating their responsibility in this regard, they have left this and many other battles for us, the American Patriots, to fight.

Today we join with family, relatives and friends to meet and give thanks to God almighty, the architect of our great nation. And when you do, say a prayer for the preservation of our country, our ideals, and the sacred covenant which freedom has forged between us and our Creator.

No other country, no other people, have been as blessed as we. We are the light and the hope of the civilized world.
Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Holder, Napolitano and their evil ideology will not stand in the face of the march of the American Patriot.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Don’t Let It Get To You, Sarah.

It reminds me of the well-meaning, well-spoken, genteel elderly lady that you see in so many movies. “Oh, what a lovely young man” she says, while sipping afternoon tea. It is usually a humorous moment in the production, with her description of an escaped criminal to an investigating police officer.

I’m not comparing any of Barbara Bush’s likable people to a convict, but her comments to Larry King were certainly filled with the same sort of naïvety, especially from a political perspective.

I like George and Barbara, as I do Mitt Romney. I can’t say that I dislike Bill Clinton, regardless of his political leanings. Maybe it’s the ‘naughty-boy’ charm that he exudes. I don’t think, for one minute, that Skip will be in agreement on that point!

Back in 2008, I was disappointed that Romney was not on the ticket. Out of a pretty weak field, he seemed to me to be the best hope. Other than the blemish on his record that was Massachusetts health care (no one’s perfect), his financial track record appeared to be what was needed as the country descended into recession.
A lot has changed in two years. The GOP is now a vibrant, re-invigorated party, thanks largely to the Tea Party. My personal favorite/s for the presidency no longer includes Mitt Romney. I still like the guy, but from a practical viewpoint he is not the best the Party has to offer.

It’s blatantly obvious that these changes are either not apparent to Mrs Bush, or she feels more comfortable with the previous incarnation of the Republican Party… “Let’s all get along nicely and not rock the boat”. We witnessed what that attitude did to the party and the country. It gave us Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

It’s ironic, then, that the one person for whom she showed utter contempt is the one that, along with others, has redirected the party and brought it back from the abyss. This aspect of the Tea Party movement is “confusing” to George H.W. Bush. This re-found preference for values over establishment seems to baffle more than just the Bush family. Recent comments by Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich, both of whom have done much for the party in its former incarnation, don’t seem to ‘get it’ either.

It would be more appropriate for the old-school types to keep their disdainful (or perhaps jealous?) comments to their mutual appreciation society meetings. Sarah Palin should not worry about those that are stuck in a lackluster past. However, it is unfair and unwarranted for some self-opinionated people that did not cut the mustard to hinder the success of the new, determined breed of politician.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


“Up in the North things are looking uglier than at any time since the armistice. If we get committed in Iran/Iraq, look for the North, probably at the instigation of the North’s masters in China, to try something, possibly causing us to have to reinforce the troops there in the South now. Pure speculation I agree, but don’t forget that on June 25,1950, the last thing our military command in the Far East was looking for was the North Koreans boiling across the border between the two Koreas, destroying everything in their path.”

That was an extract from Skip’s article from April 5, 2010 (‘South Korea… Shut Up And Smile’). Well, it appears that today’s attack was not at the behest of China (as far as we know), but they sure are flexing their muscles as anticipated. About a month after the installation of Kim Jong Un as military leader and heir-in-waiting to the failing Kim Jong Il, we witnessed a show of strength as a display to the impoverished North Korean people that the family dynasty has no intention of relinquishing its power.

As usual, the North played innocent… “We didn’t fire first!”… just as they denied knowledge of the destruction of the ‘Cheonan’ and murder of forty six naval personnel. This denial continued after an independent international investigative team proved beyond doubt that the ship was sunk by a North Korean torpedo.

I knew the comments that would come from world leaders before I even heard them. “We condemn this action” is always a politically correct response from Obama and the UN, along with various other leaders who are afraid to commit themselves to any action. A comment that I found somewhat insulting to South Korea came from Russia… “We urge restraint on both sides”. Huh?! They just had two Marines killed and many more people injured by an unwarranted attack. In March, they lost forty six personnel while on a routine patrol. I think S. Korea is showing remarkable restraint, given the circumstances.

John Bolton gave his views on the situation today and, as usual, he was pretty much on the money. I was a little surprised by his ‘ultimate solution’ of reunification. I’m not saying that it could not, or will not, happen some time in the future. It just seems like ‘pie-in-the-sky’ at the present time, with two of the most disparate political and economic neighbors imaginable.

There are more pressing problems to solve right now. How many attacks will South Korea endure before it retaliates? Will we, and other western countries, go to their aid? With around 30,000 US military personnel based in South Korea, the answer is fairly obvious.

The whole situation is further complicated by the recent revelations on how very close the North is to having full nuclear capability. Some very serious decisions need to be taken now… it’s time to stow away the cliché condemnations and do something!

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Rights? What Rights?

Glenn Beck is under fire from the left again. Now they are insisting that he is an anti-semite. What prompted this latest accusation? A verbal attack on Israel, perhaps? Maybe he forgot to get a coffee for Rabbi Lapin after his Fox News program last week? Uh… no.

The liberals’ latest desperate attempt at discrediting a conservative celebrity is one of the most ludicrous to date. Glenn’s frequent reports on the history and activities of George Soros has the socialists scraping the smear barrel. While it is true that Soros was born into a Jewish family, by his own admission he is a committed atheist. Furthermore, he has said he has no time for Israel or religion (unless he can make personal use of it, I’d guess!).

There’s that liberal hypocrisy thing again. The very people that are constantly criticizing Israel, to the point where they regard the construction of a thousand homes as a greater crime than the constant rocket attacks by Hamas, are now pretending to be friends of Judaism.

The next time I hear these folks publicly denouncing Ahmadinejad for his opinion that Israel should cease to exist, I might say that they do have some genuine concern. Don’t hold your breath, though.

The liberals are, or should I say were, masters of the use of race to further their aims. That ploy was exposed a long time ago, and only the Homer Simpsons of this world would still fall for these tricks. As Cass Sunstein said, “We know people are human and have some Homer Simpson in them, then there’s a lot that can be done to manipulate them.”

It’s strange that these people, who are always the first to protest at the slightest hint of rights violations against terrorists, illegal immigrants and convicted felons, are strangely silent on the subject of TSA search procedures.

Image from the website

The only group that has really spoken out at all is CAIR… no surprise there, really. While every other race and religion undergoes the humiliation of being groped (sorry, there’s no other way to describe it), minors included, the followers of the religion of peace have special dispensation to perform their own ‘pat-downs’. Maybe the DEA will allow people to perform their own ‘drug-busts’ next? Now that is irony. Followers of the cult that has instigated this whole state of affairs are now checked less thoroughly than everyone else.

A lot of supermarkets that once had ‘self-scan’ checkouts disposed of them. Some dishonest customers were packing items that they hadn’t scanned. Think about it.

I have to give credit to Hillary Clinton for her comments in a television interview, when she said that she would not want to undergo the procedures, given the choice. It’s a distancing from the Obama cold comment that they are “necessary”. It probably is necessary, for him to feel that he has one up on the American people. Make the most of your power trip, it won’t last much longer.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Absolute Outrage!

I am so angry and disgusted with the TSA’s depredations against the citizens of this country, it’s going to be very difficult to articulate without going into expletives.

We’re finding the words revolt and rebellion in our lexicon far more frequently than I’ve ever heard them used before… excepting perhaps in San Francisco’s looney-tune Haight-Ashbury hay-days, and around ‘underground’ (albeit highly promoted) meetings of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society, a soviet-sponsored communist front group) around my own and other college campuses during the 60s and 70s, from which sprang, amongst others, those sterling individuals Bernadine Dorn, Bill Ayers and the other murderers of the Weather Underground.

The difference between then and now is that the very same nuts who had little or no understanding of the forces driving them then are the same ones who are destroying our country and our livelihoods now. They can be seen in and around major colleges and universities to this day. The usual liberal (communist) pinched faces, they’re easy to spot, just look for the gray-haired, pony-tailed and Birkenstocked creeps who would dictate to you and I how we should live. Very few of these people has ever had the experience of running anything except their mouths… which seem to be early experimentation on perpetual motion.

I’ve said before and I’ll reiterate, the best and brightest did not enter our colleges and universities during the Vietnam era. The best we had went to fight in South East Asia, where close to 60,000 gave their last full measure of devotion. Our government is now overrun with the product of those leftist schools and professors.

We have just come through the most momentous election cycle in modern American history. It is a game changer for sure and the commie rats know it.

The TSA is but an extension of the totalitarian dreams the left has harbored and worked so diligently to bring to fruition. This isn’t about safety or security. It’s about control. They may be able to BS the illegals or the welfare-dependent constituency birthed from Lyndon Johnson’s ‘Great Society’, but it didn’t fly with the rest of us.

Judging by comments and articles from around the nation there is another layer being added to the already growing rebellion across this land. Watching and hearing the screams of that three year old girl being molested by some TSA goon was enough to send me directly into orbit.

My first thought was where is that child’s father? As it turned out he was more interested in a cheap by-line for his television station than protecting his child. Come to think of it… why was her mother standing passively by, holding the baby while that sub-moron toyed with her genitals?

I’ve got some real problems with the testicular fortitude of some of our supposed ‘men’. I have a daughter. I double damn guarantee you that neither her mother nor myself would have passively stood for any of this, regardless of the consequence.

The TSA hides behind ‘security’ and ‘safety’ while they molest nuns and little kids. But, oh no! Give them an obvious Middle Eastern type and they cower and wave them through. I’ve seen it happen as have thousands of other Americans.


Charles Krauthammer wrote a superb article on this subject last week. I didn’t get it until today as I’ve been tied up on a major emergency project at one of those self same universities I described earlier in the article.

The Conservative Republican revolution is a fact now. Not even the dumbest lefty… well almost the dumbest, after all there is Barbara Boxer to consider… realizes that they have been, not partially repudiated, but completely and totally rejected by the American people.

Revolt? You betcha there’s a revolt. The TSA and its goons are on the short list with other government goon squads, and let us not forget the government-sponsored unions while we’re at it. We’re coming for you, we will defeat you at the ballot box and in the halls of government where you hide. You will not break the American people. We cannot be conquered by you or anyone else.

It’s simple really… touch my child, molest my woman and I’ll take your head off.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stones, Bricks And Number Six.

Earlier this week, I caught a part of Glenn Beck’s program. My hectic schedule prevented me from taking the time to watch in detail, but I got the general gist of it. Glenn’s guest was Rabbi Daniel Lapin, well-known to many conservatives in the San Francisco Bay Area for his weekly radio program on the wonderful KSFO (Sunday, 1pm – 4pm Pacific).

Some of the points they raised could be regarded as pure coincidence, such as the striking resemblance of the Tower of Babel to the new European Union building, or the EU motto “Many tongues, one family”. However, I’m not a great believer in coincidence. Recurring similarities usually warrant further investigation. Is it coincidence that nearly all terrorist attacks are conducted by muslims, or that all socialist states have failed? I don’t want to turn this article into a full re-cap of the program, so the link to the full transcript on the FNC site is here for you to read.

The crux of the program revolved around the fact that the Tower of Babel was built of bricks… identical, totally interchangeable and devoid of uniqueness. I have heard many analogies for the structure of the socialist society, but this is probably one of the best. A hierarchy (replace the King with a socialist government) and a population of molded, identical, brainwashed citizens.

The rights of the individual are becoming increasingly endangered. The current behavior of the TSA is testament to that. Procedures that would have disgusted us as members of the free world, had they occurred in nazi Germany or a communist state, are now commonplace at airports across the country. How much further can they go to destroy the sanctity of the individual? Which brings me to some very relevant television from the 1960s.

‘The Prisoner’ was a series about a British agent who resigned (we assume on a point of conscience) and is quickly abducted and relocated to ‘The Village’, a benign-looking community where the inhabitants are known by numbers. During those Cold War years, we quickly believe that it is either a camp for security risks or an interrogation center operated by the enemy. As the series progresses, we see a far deeper message unfolding.

Citizens with no names, the standard salutation on parting company “Be seeing you” (accompanied by a finger-and-thumb circular gesture from the eye), which is a reminder that cameras are everywhere (possibly an appropriate greeting for the TSA?), and the overriding concern of the town’s appointed supervisor (appointed by whom is left to speculation) to make the individualistic Number Six conform… these are all factors that have more relevance today than they did forty years ago.

It transpires that it is not a tale of East versus West, but of the individual against the state. A community comprised of bricks, each one numbered and never questioning… except for the stone-like Number Six (“I’m not a number, I’m a free man!”).

This isn’t a personal nostalgia trip into the television archives. This is a warning that we are at that very point where we give up all rights as individuals. When that series was made some forty years ago, how many of you (if born) would have believed that the modern day activities of the TSA could ever happen in America? Or that terrorists could be given financial compensation by the taxpayer?

For some, the brainwashed lefties, it is too late. Their individuality and free thought has been erased permanently. Unless we stop this madness now, your children will suffer the same fate. The Constitution and the principles of individual liberty and freedom under God must replace the Marxist teachings, historical revisionism and fake climate science that infest the classrooms. We must watch the activities of the Soroses of this world closely and fight every little move towards their new world order.

Whether it be implemented through hard-line socialism or soft-shoe communitarianism, question any change and how it affects your God-given Rights. Would you rather be a brick or a stone?

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)

Thursday, November 18, 2010


It must go down in history as one of the most delusional celebrations in history, ranking up there with the White Star Line directors hailing the maiden voyage of RMS Titanic as a success, or Napoleon claiming that Waterloo was his finest hour.

How Nancy Pelosi could celebrate the achievements of the 111th Congress, while keeping a straight face, is a total mystery to me. Going one incredulous step further, she announced her intention to remain as Minority Leader.

Historically, incumbent leaders have usually done the honorable thing after such a shellacking. Given that her Congress was possibly the most unpopular ever, perhaps she thinks that the disapproval of the public aimed at everyone else except her. After all, she does retain a lot of support in her own district. Uh… Nancy, it’s San Francisco. As my mother used to say, “You could put a donkey up there and they’d vote for it”.

Soon to be gavel-less, it will be interesting to see how things unravel from January. Her election as Leader draws me to one of two conclusions. Either the majority of the remaining Democrats intend to carry on attempting to push their agenda as if nothing had happened, with no hope of getting enough votes to proceed to the Senate, or they have given up the ghost entirely and don’t care who is leading them.

Pelosi’s overwhelming desire to hold on to authority is a classic example of the dictatorial Marxist philosophy that once you have power never relinquish it, regardless of the consequences to anyone else.

Her ideology, and that of her cohorts, is demonstrated by her reverse logic approach to Congressional proceedings. “You can see what’s in the bill after we pass it”. Similarly, Obama’s statement that we’ll see the benefits of Obamacare further down the road. Well, we have seen the evils contained in Pandora Pelosi’s box, and we don’t intend getting that far down the road to discover the hidden delights (not) of Obamacare.

I shouldn’t be griping about her, or Obama for that matter. We have now re-taken the House and they don’t have the ability to drive through their socialist plans any longer. Besides, the more they cling to their blindfolded ideologies, the easier it will be for us in 2012.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Barack Obama – Post Partisan? Purgamentum Init, Exit Purgamentum.

Due to other work commitments we have been unable to produce an article today. The article that follows was written by Skip on December 24, 2009. It includes a very accurate prediction!

The Latin word for truth is veritas. It’s something with which Mr Post Partisan has very little intercourse with. There was the truth and it knew him not. A lot of people who should have known better allowed this political relative newcomer to overshadow their usually reliable common sense, so there are plenty of people out there to share the ‘Duh! factor’.

We also saw the hardcore leftist ideology of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid coming down the pike. Still reeling and half in disbelief of what they had allowed to befall themselves through the Republican ‘leadership’, if you can call it that. Still, they thought they had a stake in the game, deluding themselves and us in the process. Laughable given the circumstances.

None of us Conservatives out here have forgotten a single moment of the Bush years. We watched in horror as the Republicrats tried to out-liberal those who were expert at it, and accommodate themselves into losing on issue after issue. Very reminiscent of Barry Hussein’s feckless groveling to his middle-eastern brethren, only to come away with nothing and the DeMarxists getting everything they wanted to start with. Ergo: Bush/Kennedy and that execrecable education bill for example.

We watched Republican after Republican sounding and acting exactly like their counterparts across the aisle, blithely ignoring the mutterings, increasingly vocal and louder protestations of their constituents. The disgust of the Conservative base and the abandonment of the independents who had supported them, walking away in disenchantment, set the stage for the Democratic sweep to power in 2006, also setting the stage for 2008 as the thoroughly appalled base abandoned an increasingly out-of-touch and weak party leadership.

This persisted through the 2008 presidential campaign with the selection of what turned out to be our ‘Bob Dole’, Sen John McCain, who actually never had a marshmallow’s chance in hell of being elected. In fact, the sole product of that campaign being the ‘discovery’ and emergence of one who will be the Conservative Republican Party’s superstar, Sarah Palin… which is why they assault her the way they do… they see what I see… a bright, articulate, conservative woman ‘who gets it’ and connects on every level with the American voter.

This is all well and good, you say? What does all this have to do with the truth and Barack Obama, his administration and the DeMarxist majority in Congress? Politicians lie. Unfortunate though it may be, we’ve come to expect a certain amount of it.

This bunch have taken it to a whole new level and language of lies and deceit. Barack Obama lies through his eyeteeth every time he opens his mouth. So do Pelosi, Reid and every single member of both chambers beholden to this bunch of thieves. They lie, cheat and steal on a grand scale that not even Joseph Goebbels would recognize… and he wrote the book on it.

The unforeseen consequence of this has been the resurgence of the American Patriot… genuine grassroots constitutional patriotism not seen since the days of the ‘greatest generation’. It is a tidal wave which shall sweep these criminally responsible politicians from the American scene in 2010… and correct a historical mistake in 2012.

Keep your faith in your Conservative ideals and the Constitution of this great country. These people are scared and they are about to become even more frightened.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hey, Napolitano. Hands Off Our Junk!

Janet Napolitano took a jolt of testosterone and ‘stood up’ to the incipient rebellion of American citizens, who have had it up to their eyeballs by the vast overreach of the federal government today.

The DeMarxists and their unions, in their zeal to obtain absolute control over everything, have finally gotten around to our scrotums and vaginas. Of course, Janet, taking manly control of the situation, has chided the American people for daring to object to the Obama Transportation Safety Administration’s high-handed tactics.

American Patriots, now that we have the rats in the administration and in Congress either on the run or shedding trails of rat pellets getting ready to run, are getting around to the promises we made to the DeMarxists all along during the last two years. Inquiries, people! Investigations, committees and subpoenas under oath. Say, for instance… oh, I don’t know… an audit of the Fed?!

Or here’s one that should send Barney (the banking queen) Frank screaming for the exits… an audit of Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac. An investigation into TARP is also on the way. Inquiries into the Democrats interference with border control and illegal immigration are sure to be demanded by the American people… to the extent such inquiries roll over and engulf some of our ‘moderates’ and RINOs. Oh well, you sure picked the wrong bunch to hang out with.

By the way, we see Dick Army supposedly emerging as a ‘leader’ of the Patriots? Don’t make me laugh. Whatever Army is, Conservative isn’t one of them. Go home, Dick.

While we’re at it, we may just as well start the fight to break the back of the public service unions. That’s a battle that has been deferred almost to the destruction of the country.

Yeah, Napolitano, we’re mad. We’re still here and we’re coming after your cozy little sinecure next. What the left still hasn’t figured out is that we, the American Patriot Movement, are beholden to no one. It’s driving them crazy, which is also just fine by us. There was a famous British Naval toast (when Britain still had a Navy). It went, ‘Confusion to the enemy’.
Happy rebellion, Janet.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

A State Of Rebellion…

…exists in America today, and I don’t think either side of the political spectrum has really registered it yet. Oh, they’re giving plenty of lip service… until they think we’re no longer paying attention, as in the past.

The exception would, of course, be those who started the startling march of events that just culminated in the largest paradigm shift in modern American political history. That would be us folks… you and I… and about fifty or sixty million or so of our closest friends.

With the exception of the west coast waste land that is California, which is a subject for another time, the American people spoke in no uncertain terms. As many as sixty five House seats have been turned over to not the GOP… though they are certainly scrambling to co-opt as many of the new Representatives as possible. The establishment GOP is aiming to twist the impressionable minds of the incoming lawmakers through the supposed right wing ‘Claremont Institute’. There’s only one problem with that. With rare exception, all of these new Representatives know just exactly how and why they got there.

The Tea Party Patriots have given them their marching orders and we are watching very carefully. They know we sent them to Washington for one reason and one reason only… to bring Constitutional sanity to America and defeat the enemies of this country, which have infested the White House and the halls of Congress for far, far too long.

The rebellion extends far beyond the mere excising of the suppurating disease that is liberalism. America spoke. If you want to see the wave of the future… there are more Republican Governors than any time since 1996… there are 800 new Conservative Republican (read Tea-Party) State legislators.

We’re positioning ourselves for the next battles which are just down the road. Everywhere in the nation, Conservatives are running in local races, making themselves heard in city councils as well as local school districts. Even here, in benighted California, Conservatism is beginning to make inroads, uphill battle though it may be. If the California elections showed us anything, it was that running as a moderate will virtually guarantee defeat… Hear that, California Republican Committee?

Maybe it’s time for a leadership change there too. Wasn’t that the bunch that brought us Arnold? Carly and Meg were both fine people. Just the wrong people in the wrong races in the wrong state. Conservatism works. It works every time a clear, articulate Conservative message is presented, which was just exactly what we did not get here in California.

It’s a brave new world out there, though not one to the Marxists’ liking.
Which makes it just fine by me. Up the rebellion!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

It’s Like This…

Some of you may have been scratching your heads wondering why you couldn’t find the article for yesterday. Quick answer… there wasn’t one. There was an unusual convergence of circumstances that: (a) prevented me from writing it; and (b) prevented Dee from covering for me.

I’ve stated that doing a daily column isn’t as easy as it looks. That has nothing to do with the length of the article either. I really admire guys like Charles Krauthammer, from whom ideas and words just seem to flow effortlessly. For myself, sometimes the words just don’t want to come, and it’s like pulling each one out with a pair of pliers. Other times, I’m surprised when it all just drops into place easily.

I’ve mentioned before that I work in an industry that provides around the clock services for various types of emergencies. Last night was such a time. As I noted, Dee would normally pick up the slack. Aside from all her other sterling attributes, she also just happens to be an excellent writer. Like me, she also has a full time career, aside from being the editor and webmistress for this column.

Her department is supposed to be staffed by six to eight people. Due to all the various and sundry things that can go south in any business, she was faced with doing the work of several people herself. Heck, she does the work of a couple of people just running this site and editing the columns. She also handles security for the site vetting for instance, requests for endorsement or advertising, and fending off the occasional nutcase. Cyberspace being what it is, none of us can afford to be too careful.

We’re read on a bunch of different venues, but if you’d like a look at our main site you’ll see what I mean… will take you there. For instance, you can read and download our country’s Founding Documents there. There is also a nifty free toolbar you can download and install. It’s safe, we’ve checked it out. The ‘Skip MacLure’ toolbar has some great features. Then there are our own TV channels where you can see some really classic stuff. We also feature a free Conservative TV network as well.

Though this may sound like a promotion, it’s really not. People who hear about us and want to read us seem to find us easily enough.
I’ve promised myself an Obama-less day for a long time. Looks like I finally got it (grins).

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010


Thanks to Dee for standing in for me while I was nursing a nasty cold. Her article from yesterday was insightful and very much on point. Once Great, Britain has been completely decimated by European socialism, in all its ugly manifestations. It is, however, an instructive window into the path ahead for America, if we don’t listen to the voice of the American people.

God, in His wisdom, has given us this one chance to set this country on the path away from the Marxi-Socialist disaster, which has been perpetrated by a Marxist Congressional majority under the leadership of the Obama Red House (read communist). Dee brought up the ‘puppet master’ in her article. George Soros has been pulling far more than Obama’s strings.

The New Conservative leadership has an immense task ahead. We know the path forward, difficult though it may appear. It’s easy to say we stand for smaller government, lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, strong national security, a sane monetary policy and a fundamental change in the way we identify and deal with the enemies of this country.

The politics and tactics of the left have been exposed for what they are. These people are anti-American and anti-freedom to their core. Lies and deceit are their stock in trade. Our elections are going to have one major implication that the left would just as soon you didn’t know anything about and have attempted to obfuscate. The real ramifications, and very likely the most far-reaching of this massive repudiation of the left in all of its manifestations, is that this is the year of Congressional redistricting. This will have strong positives for Conservative Republicans for decades and perhaps generations.

In addition, one other fact that the left would as soon prefer you ignore is that aside from the overwhelming victory we experienced in taking over the House, we may gain as many as 30 more seats in 2012 through redistricting. Wouldn’t that be a great pie to set before His Majesty the Emperor, whose nakedness has been exposed by the Patriots of America?

Remember, this isn’t even the end of the beginning… this is a fight to the finish for the life of our nation.
Be there!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Marked Contrast.

So much for the British stiff-upper-lip, gentlemanly behavior and London’s ‘wartime spirit’, that pulled this once Great Britain through the darkest of times. One of the stereotypical traits of the Englishman, which some found endearing, others darn frustrating, was their reserve. Indeed, ‘The Equalizer’ could force a New York street gang to give up with just the sound of his well-formed syllables.

The scenes of violence and destruction at the heart of London yesterday would have been unthought of not so many years ago. There have been protests aplenty… union pickets sometimes stepping over the line between law and disorder, or students ‘squatting’ in high rise office buildings…. even prisoners perching on the roof of their cell blocks. This, however, is something quite new.

Historically, most of the protests that turned nasty were due to the fact that anti-protesters arrived on the scene. No surprise that this sort of face-to-face confrontation would become explosive, with the poor police officers taking a beating as they try to hold the two parties from each other’s throats.

There was no second protest yesterday, the violence that ensued was aimed at the police and the establishment, in the form of the governing Conservative Party’s headquarters. Why this uncontrollable anger towards the government? An even better question… who was behind it?

Europe is not a happy place these days, including Britain which can be included as part of the continent… or not, depending on which Brits you ask. Neither is America happy. A worldwide recession, high unemployment, a drop in living standards, uncertainty of the future… they all fuel unrest and discontent.

Greece was the first to fall victim to riots, in response to the government’s cuts in spending and tax increases. More recently, France had its share of violent protests as the country was outraged by having to work until the ripe old age of 62! Yesterday, students in London (although I believe some were ‘plants’ by ultra-left organizations unknown… what was Glenn Beck saying last night about a certain gentleman instigating revolts?) reacting to increased tuition fees.

The ironic thing about this whole situation in Europe is that the ‘austerity measures’ being imposed are the result of the collapsing socialist welfare society, the nanny-state that these leftist protesters, and their predecessors, created. If you build a wall that is unsound, should you not thank the person that demolishes it before permanent, irreversible damage is done? These people are holding that person responsible for trying to avert calamity. Rather than admit their mistakes and come to the realization that socialism cannot work, they react like young children, throwing a tantrum when they find that the cookie jar is not bottomless.

Something that sticks in my mind that Skip said a while ago (although there are many!) was regarding the mind set of Europeans. He explained that Europeans had always had an authority figure to watch over them and make decisions for them, whether a monarch, squire or government. This has evolved into a system where the individual has become so dependent on the state that any sign of a reversal, whereby the drone has to start thinking and doing for himself, throws him into a panic.

‘Austerity measures’… Conjures up pictures of starving people lining up for a crust of bread, or kids with no shoes on their feet. The ones who will be impacted the most by these measures, in Britain anyway, will be the ones that have been draining the life out of the hard-working people… those that have been ‘playing the system’ for possibly their entire lives, with no intention of ever working while their abundant benefits keep rolling in. On the subject of the student fees, who ever said that higher education was a right that should be paid for by every taxpayer?

There are no starving people and the work-shy still manage to frequent the bars, strangely far more often than the hard-working, hard-taxed members of society. Sure, everyone is feeling the pinch, but given the options available under the circumstances, that is to be expected.

Compare the reactions of the Europeans to those of Americans over the last year or so. Think back to the Tea Party protests across the country. Some of those folks had lost their jobs, their homes, their savings… and possibly lost the money they had to put their children through university. Were they angry? Darned right they were! But, they were never violent.

This epitomizes the difference between socialists protesting at the collapse of their Utopian, unworkable system and conservatives speaking out at the attempted introduction of this vile philosophy.

The new Congress will have to make some tough decisions to put the country back on track… and some will be painful. Just remember, as you flinch when you get that shot in the arm… don’t blame the Doctor, blame the virus that caused you to have it.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What’s More Dangerous Than A Marxist?

Answer: A Marxist with money. Lots of money. Only a few days ago, I spoke of Obama’s fixation with his Blackberry (‘Man Or Machine’, November 7). By sheer coincidence, Glenn Beck mentioned the same thing in his program of November 9. Glenn, however, mentioned a possibility that I had not considered…. something far more sinister than the options I listed.

The program last night was dedicated to the ‘Spooky Dude’ (I love that name, Glenn!), George Soros. Most of us are aware of his activities with the likes of Media Matters, the Huffington Post, the Tides Foundation, etc., but I must admit that I didn’t realize the extent to which his socialist tentacles reach.

As more jigsaw puzzle pieces are added, the picture that takes shape is not a pretty one. While never directly attacking the State of Israel (to my knowledge, at least), his actions, or the actions of those in his debt, speak louder than words.

Some smokescreens are quite see-through, perhaps none as transparent as one of his beneficiaries, J Street. This ‘pro-Israel’ site was proud to endorse Minnesota’s Keith Ellison, a Congressman with more than dubious connections to Hamas supporters.

I had always assumed that Obama’s dislike of Israel was a result of his own upbringing. That could be a factor, one which made him the perfect choice, for someone with almost unlimited finances, to install in the prime position, where he could enact the most radical plans.

For a Nobel Peace Prize winner, Obama does a marvelous job of stirring up hate in the muslim countries. His condemnation of Israel during a speech in Indonesia was nothing more than shameful. Of what relevance is the Israel – Palestine situation to the people he was addressing… other than a shared religion? If he visits Catholic countries in Europe, does he engage in condemnation of the actions of South American countries? I think not, especially Venezuela, for which he has a special fondness.

Barack Obama and George Soros, alike in so many ways. Both dedicated to the destruction of the American way of life, the formation of a new world order, and both selling off the goods of their own suffering people to tyrants.

America, keep a very close eye on this man… he is probably more dangerous than all the Democrats combined.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

All The King’s Horsemen.

We are witnessing a sea change in American politics. The DeMarxists are rambling away exactly like nothing at all has happened. They have parsed out the few slim victories they were able to garner, attempting to smoke-screen everything in sight to see if they can fool the boobs just one more time. That it isn’t working is apparent to everyone but them.

They simply can’t wrap their truncated minds around the very real ramifications coming down the pike like a runaway locomotive. You can take this to the bank. The left has been defeated in America. The vast majority of American citizens detest liberalism in all its manifestations, and the recent election has put an exclamation to that point.

Obama’s failures are legion. The depredations that have darned near destroyed this country have Marxist written all over them. The New Conservative Congress means business and that business is ours, the American people’s… yours and mine.

The DeMarxists in the lame-duck Congress are as usual crawling around in the slime, attempting to preempt once again the will of the people, in some cases being aided by the now largely irrelevant establishment Repubics, whose only claim to fame is that they cave at every opportunity and are at present working hard behind the scenes to co-opt or destroy the American Patriot movement. Well, it’s long past time that the rubber hit the road. We’ll go head to head with them anytime and they will lose.

They are welcome to try. We know who they are and with rare exception we know we have the power to pull them down… and we will. I, and my Conservative compatriots who have been in this fight from the beginning, know this.

You cannot defeat us. We are coming after you whether DeMarxist, establishment RINO or “old guard” Republicrat.
As we used to say in the Marine Corps, ‘Standby… targets!’

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Obama – A Potentate In His Own Mind.

The Obamazoids are wandering around like their programming was corrupted which, after all, it was… compliments of the US citizenry. You’ll notice it much more in places around the country other than the Marxist (read communist) stronghold here in the San Francisco Bay Area, but most specifically in San Francisco itself where soft tyranny rules. An abundance of space-trip airheads that comprise many of San Francisco’s voters along with gray pony-tailed 60s drop-out, drop-in, turn-on types that infest most liberal enclaves.

I’ve seen these types move into peaceful bucolic communities on the coast here, up in the mountains where I have many friends of long-standing. It’s a little tougher for them to gain a footing up there because most of the people there are rugged individualists who don’t take crap and know how to use the weapons they own… not that they wish to dispose of their newbie liberal neighbors you understand.

I had some veteran friends move up north to Oregon and Washington to live in the woods. To their utter shock and dismay, they found the self-same cretins that infest the liberal enclaves moving in up there. Ok, it’s a free (so far) country.

They’re a lot like Barack Obama’s radical Islamist friends, or masters, depending on how dark your opinion of his machinations is. The simile is that like Muslims, these liberals cannot live in peace with their neighbors. Not being satisfied at having destroyed the cities where their liberalism held sway, they migrate.

Obama has just taken the largest entourage of any president in history to India, to save what face he can after taking one of the greatest political shellackings in the history of this country. Obama’s narcissistic and, I believe, megalomaniacal bent has been addressed by the voters and he and his Marxist Congress and administration have been most thoroughly repudiated by the American people. Even in the face of this historic defeat, Obama and the DeMarxists still don’t get it.

I can tell them one thing for sure. Compromise is going to be a very rare item in Washington and the Obama Red House. Our Conservative Congress has received their marching orders and we have, with the innate wisdom of the American voter, elected those who will carry the banner of the Constitution and liberty, to reverse the course of the country and defeat Obama and DeMarxists who are up for election in 2012.

Hey, Obama… it ain’t over by a long shot. And there’s not one potentate in sight.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Man Or Machine?

Not Tony Stark, Alex Murphy or even Locutus of Borg… but Barack Obama. All have bonded with technology to varying degrees, willingly or not. Obama’s reliance on electronics to be able to function was again highlighted in India.

An official in the sub-continent was amazed that the renowned orator was dependent on teleprompters. This exclamation of surprise highlighted how little is known about the ‘Great Savior’ outside of the US. More than a few British folks remarked, to me personally, on hearing the mid-term election results that they thought Obama was well-liked by Americans. I guess they have been too wrapped up in their own parochial affairs for the last two years to notice that all was not well (an understatement) with America.

If our overseas friends embraced technology as the president has, they may get a truer picture of the false idol that is still imprinted in their minds, striking a pose while flanked by mighty stone pillars.

When Obama first entered the White House there was much talk of his affection for his Blackberry, a fact that concerned his security advisers. Perhaps he found it a useful way to keep updated with emails, or it appealed to his narcissistic streak, enabling him to see the latest press adulation. Or his paranoia, keeping tabs on his number one enemy, Fox News.

There has never been such a programmed politician. Aside from his love affair with teleprompters, his impromptu statements show all the versatility of a stuck subroutine. His seventeen minute reply to a simple question from a member of the public is a classic example. The crux of the query had still not been addressed as the audience dozed off.

Evasiveness under questioning is nothing new for a politician. I’ve seen masters of this art that can totally flummox all but the very best interviewers. This is not the standard ‘I’ll ramble so he forgets the point’ approach, though. It’s more like the multiple choices given by a technical support website. You can never find the exact problem that has occurred, so you select the nearest to it. The answer you get will not cure your problem, but the program assumes it has done its job.

Obamacare is a typical case. When asked about the cost to businesses and the taxpayer, the deterioration of services or the effect on seniors, the explanation will always include the homeowner who is forced to sell up to cover treatment costs.

These pre-select answers have some hilarious results. A machine can not look ahead to the consequences of irrelevant or contradictory statements. In this week’s post-election press conference, Obama said that perhaps he could have done more to help the fallen Democrats. That statement is open to more replies than I care to count!

The funniest was possibly “I don’t think anyone walks around with a fixed ideology”. This, from a man whose determination to impose his ideals would destroy his government and, if not checked, the country.

If I didn’t know that he is a mere mortal, I would suggest that Obama may have a defective chip, that his frequent inclusion of the word ‘batteries’ in every industry stimulus visit could be a secret code to his boffins that his need replacing.

He can take comfort that a new job awaits him in advertising in 2012. All he needs is a drum, a pair of sunglasses and a pair of sandals… oh, and batteries!

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ballots, Ballots And More Ballots.

The reports continue to come in from around the country. From California to Connecticut, ballots are being ‘found’. On the left coast, two million votes have yet to be counted.

Small wonder with strong rumors (as yet unconfirmed) of SEIU goons working the election count, along with at least one report of electronic machine tampering and another story of a precinct in Danville Ca., where the one electronic vote machine was not working. Voters were told to vote on provisional ballots ‘which would be counted at some time later’.

Provisional balloting has always been a pet peeve of mine. More so since the very scenario described above happened to me about three years ago. There had been a lot of registration shenanigans going on, and when I went to vote at the precinct where I had been registered for nine years I found that my name had been removed from the voter rolls. I was informed that I could vote using a provisional ballot… just like any illegal alien. Well, I’m here to tell you that it was a hot time in the old precinct that day!

Eventually, I got a communication from the County Registrar of Voters apologizing and saying that they couldn’t understand what happened, but assuring me that it would not occur again.

We have allowed the left to command the election place for far too long. They’ve been digging up dead bodies, registering dogs and goldfish, using their union thugs to intimidate voters… The public unions have far too much sway over policy and the electoral process.

I’ve avoided writing about the whole California debacle and I’m not going to try and do it here, but California needs to understand that Jerry Brown is owned lock, stock and Birkenstocks by the public unions.
Jerry Brown will steer this state into bankruptcy.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

Stop The Fed!

Five hundred billion more, freshly printed, absolutely valueless, dollars. It’s being fronted as a boost to the economy through funneling money to the mega banks, who will then presumably buy more of Fannie and Freddie’s marginal and junk mortgages in the form of securities and bonds.

What they are doing is absolute Keynesian garbage. People all over the country have used basic economics to figure out that flooding the marketplace with cheap dollars is going to create inflation, which may be a handy way to to retire some debt if you’re the government but, as usual, with total disregard of the effects it would have on the average American citizen.

Cheaper dollars = inflation, and if vast and rapid spending cuts are not undertaken by the new majority we may face hyperinflation. Memo to the new Conservative majority: We want the Fed and the over-educated leftists running the whole shooting match stopped. And yeah, we know you’ve got your agenda and yeah, we agree with most everything on it… as a matter of fact we insist.

This Fed thing needs immediate intervention. It’s the leftist straw dog line emerging here again… stimulating the economy. In fact, as has been proven time after time in country after country, it just doesn’t work.

Liberal economics do not create wealth. It does not promote security or prosperity. The result of Marxist economic policies invariably creates a pall of poverty and want, a degradation of life quality and the inevitable erosion of the moral fiber of the country. Better we fight the fight here and now.
No compromises, no more, or else.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Now Starts The Heavy Lifting.

Barack Obama’s defeat was a crushing avalanche of voter disgust and distaste for what had been done to them for over two years… three really, because towards the end George Bush was no more responsive to the voters than the DeMarxist clown college.

The 'Dream Team'. Eric Cantor and John Boehner, expected to take over as House Majority Leader and Speaker respectively. Kevin McCarthy is expected to complete the lineup as Majority Whip.

The Marxist-leaning Democrat Congress literally spat in the eye of the American electorate… virtually daring us to do something about it, safe in the knowledge of their overwhelming superiority in both the House and Senate and carrying the totalitarian banner of their extreme leftist chief, Barack Hussein.

We warned you not to listen to the spin going into the election yesterday. The left was in full electoral disrupt mode by any means (mostly illegal) at their disposal, and their bag of dirty tricks is deep indeed. The left has no scruples whatsoever about using the type of language about our Conservative women that would have gotten them a thrashing by any real man around. But then, that seems to be something that the left has a distinct dearth of.

When you live in shadow you develop fears…the left fears many things. For instance, they must have a morbid fear of the young men and women of our armed forces. They have, despite laws to the contrary, consistently robbed our service people of their most fundamental right.

The left doesn’t build, it doesn’t create. It exists solely to usurp the body politic and resources of the country to feed its voracious and bottomless maw.

John Boehner laid out the framework pretty well. Eric Cantor reprised that with the presentation of the 20 points the New Conservative Congress will take on first. They already have the word from us, as the American patriots, that we will be observing our ‘team’ every bit as much as we shall keep an eye on the DeMarxists.

Once again, we hear the bleatings of the establishment types, telling us what we should have done and what we absolutely have to do. Okay, if you say so… but without what we Patriots did to save your sorry posteriors you’d be up a stump.

What’s going to happen is that they are going to try and dominate us and go right back to ‘getting business done as usual’. Well, we got you here and we can remove you just as easily. We’ve amply proven that. Look at some of the ‘Blue Dogs’. They got taken down simply for being Democrat.

No, you can’t dominate the Patriot movement… just as soon try and go out and herd cats. But we can, and we will dominate you.
You see, we know the dirty little secret, don’t we? The power rests with us, not you.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Tsunami Strikes.

We’re just now starting to get some input from some of the western races. I don’t know if we won the Senate or not, but what is apparent is that the socialist domination of our Congress has come to an end.

Ron Johnson unseats four-term incumbent Senator Russ Feingold in Wisconsin. We were pleased to endorse Ron during the primaries. Congratulations, Ron!

For us Patriots, this event is the culmination of well over two years of painstaking grass roots organization and telling freedom’s story to the nation. Tonight is going to be a stunning victory, the pundits are claiming sixty plus House seats.

Dee just told me that she listened to John Boehner’s speech and found it full of strength, conviction and emotion. Dee’s a pretty sharp judge of personalities so I feel good about Boehner. He’s already laid out the task ahead and has embarked on the long road back to a free Constitutional Republic.

If any of you had it in mind to take a little vacation from this very real war we are fighting for the heart and soul of America, you can forget it. We have not only the remnants of Obama’s machine to deal with… there were enough DeMarxists who were spared the scourge of the voters’ lash to foster the evil schemes and dreams of their masters. This is another battle we’ll fight. We have to cauterize the infection of leftist socialism wherever and whenever it appears.

It’s unfortunate that the first real battle that will be fought will be the Patriot Movement in direct opposition of the Establishment Repubics, as Mark Levin would call them. We mentioned Karl Rove, then there’s Trent Lott who’s running around like somebody still thinks he’s relevant. Lindsey Grahamnesty is another one who’s toast come his next election cycle. There are others, but these people must be marginalized so that they can not influence party nominations.

It’s going to be comical watching the Republican establishment try to co-opt the movement. They’re going to find out that we don’t take orders very well. We have our own marching orders… and they are all about smaller, fiscally responsible government, responsible to those they serve. They are about the Constitution, the economy, jobs and our national security.

No, I’m afraid they’re not going to like the patriots at all. We didn’t come to Washington to compromise. We came to crush DeMarxists, not make nice with them.
Tomorrow the real work starts. Enjoy the moment.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Congratulations! San Francisco Giants, 2010 World Champions.

San Francisco won’t sober up for a week… but not to fear. One day before, possibly, the most important election of our or any time. Conservatives show up to vote regardless. Minimally motivated Bay Area lefties probably aren’t going to hit the polls with a massive overhang, which most of the city and much of the ‘burbs are likely to have.

Advantage: Patriots. We may steal a march on the hordes of the raging liberal beast… we’re still outnumbered but maybe we can scare them… and maybe influence some close races.

The surest way you can help at this late date is to make darn sure that you and yours make it to the polls. Call your couch potato buddies and roust them out. Tell them their freedom depends on it. We can’t let up now… and maybe never again. We have to steel ourselves for the long pull because this is but the very beginning.

All of the election prognostications, even those of the most slavishly devoted DeMarxist mouthpieces, are now painfully admitting that they are going to get annihilated tomorrow. We’re also going to see the hordes of DeMarxist attorneys to call for recounts, à la Barney (I didn’t know it was a whorehouse) Frank. The ‘public’ service goons and their money is out in full force.

The DeMarxists have little or nothing to run on, except for the few and courageous lawmakers who refused to sign on to any of Barack Obama’s agenda, and it’s probably too late for them too. The Obama, Reid, Pelosi triumvirate has painted all Democrats with the same broad brush and it’s going to be a very, very bad year for incumbents.
God Bless you and God Bless this great nation.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

Meg, Use The Force.

Methinks the lady may be listening to her ‘political advisers’ and not the little voice within… the same skills she used in building eBay to the internet star that it is.

Californians understood and agreed when she told us how important small business and creative start-ups are to the growth of the state and the nation, and how runaway taxation and regulation is forcing businesses away from California. We agreed when she said that the state had to be brought to fiscal sanity.

Then, about a week ago, we started to see ads in which Meg appears to be saying that the state can’t be run like a business. C’mon, Meg! What the heck…?! You’d better fire those clowns and go with your gut feelings, your instincts… use the ‘force’, Meg.

This state’s economy went south starting with that prodigy of leftist goofball politics, Jerry Brown. Grey Davis then came to haunt us, and finally Arnold SchwartzenKennedy-Shriver to deliver the coup de grace to an already crippled state economy.

BB (before Brown) California was the largest business in the world, with a state government that was in partnership with business in world trade and a business model that was the envy of the world.

Under successive far left liberal governments in Sacramento we’ve experienced wave after wave of business and personal taxation, under the thin guise of fees paid to state and municipal governments. Fees, that were they examined in the light of the Constitution, would be found to be illegal. Much of what has transpired in our state houses and in our Federal government has had little enough to do with regard to the Constitution.

This state is a business… it’s a failing business… a badly failing business, and what’s needed is what would be asked of any executive coming in and being asked to rescue a distressed firm. Analyze strengths and weaknesses, cut unnecessary expenses, cut back on non-critical personnel, re-negotiate new labor contracts and re-establish the brand of the company… in our case, that’s the state.

You have to prove to the nation and the world that California once again fosters business and welcomes investment with business-friendly environments.
Meg, stick to fundamentals and forget the phony side-show guys.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010