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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Republicans Had Best Have A Compelling Message.

Despite the DeMarxists headlong rush to oblivion in November, we cannot count on our Republican leadership not to blow it. They need to show something that has been sadly missing thus far, in my opinion… leadership.

To date, they’ve failed in the first big test of whether they have the intestinal fortitude to be the majority in 2011. Elena Kagan should have been stonewalled out the gate. She has zero qualification for the Supreme Court. She’s an Obama creation. A political hack. A statist mouthpiece.

Did the Republican leadership stand as one and say ‘hell no’? Of course not. They went immediately into accommodation mode, giving Kagan all the wiggle room she needed to play cutesy games and not give one substantive answer to any of the really weak-kneed, almost pandering, questions by the committee. They’ve displayed themselves as indecisive and fragmented, when they should show the American Patriots, whose favor they curry, that they can stand for what we believe in.

Conservative opinion was unmistakeably against Elena Kagan’s appointment. We told the leadership from the outset that we wanted her appointment filibustered. There were comments such as ‘Obama deserves his appointments’. Flashback to Lindsey (I’ll go which ever way the wind blows) Gramnesty… and the Sotomayor hearings. As I recall, the nomination proceedings were scarcely under way and Graham was telling her, in front of the open hearing, that she ‘is going to be confirmed’. That’s enough to make a skunk gag. Sotomayor is far to left of anyone on the Court, and Kagan is to the left of her.

Somehow, the Republicans have gotten the idea that if we don’t make nice with the DeMarxist nominees, we can’t get our own through when the time comes. In the Marine Corps we’d call it ‘cowardice in the face of the enemy’. In the case of the so-called Republican leadership, it’s ‘folding before the enemy is engaged’.

I see that John McCain has come to the party late… a little like his new-found religion on illegal amnesty and border security. The point is that if the Republicans can’t show leadership on this, can we trust them to lead? We still remember, all too well, the pathetic Republican performance of the Bush years. It’s one of the reasons incumbents have been dropping like flies. There will be more!

You cannot expect us to get behind an incoherent and fragmented message. We’ve been there and done that. There’s too much at risk this time. We have to stop and derail this DeMarxist rush to tyranny at any cost, and we have to do it now! Here is a golden opportunity for the Republicans to articulate a clear, simple message. We have to return to the Reagan model. The conservative message resonates every time that it’s clearly defined… and every time it’s followed, it’s a success.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

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