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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Countdown 2011… 109 Days And Out.

First. In yesterday’s article I cited West Virginia as being a part of the Mason-Dixon line. West Virginia did not exist until after the Civil War, so the article should have stated Virginia, as was pointed out to me by a reader.

One hundred and nine days until the reckoning. Conservative Patriot numbers (that’s Tea Party to you liberally challenged types out there), are running on the north side of twenty million, and that’s not counting the millions of independents and Democrats whose gag reflex just won’t handle the MaoBama DeMarxist goose-step towards national third-world socialist redistribution, abject poverty and eternal mediocrity.

Obama addresses the NAACP in 2009.

Barack Hussein Obama’s latest rush towards oblivion involves a massive race card ploy, which is supposed to ignite a fever-pitch fire in the bellies of blacks. So far, all it has done is to illustrate what a cheap political ploy it really is. Blacks, especially the considerable numbers of the black community who have managed, through hard work and determination, to escape from the clutches of the government-managed and sustained DeMarxist poverty farms in the inner cities, are far less likely to fall for the sugar-coated, pie-in-the-sky fantasies painted by DeMarxists, to keep the true believers in the fold.

Black families tend to be conservative in much of their outlook. They’ve had plenty of time to examine the disconnect between what Barack Obama says and what he has done… those are their taxes going up… those are their homes being foreclosed and their jobs being lost, as well as ours. These are their United States being invaded by illegal aliens, taking jobs from their communities.

When they see a time-honored, and once honorable organization, the NAACP, turned into a cheap political sideshow, used to denigrate an immense grass roots movement of patriotic Americans of all races, it gives them pause to reflect. Racism in any form is ugly. It cannot survive in the long term because people of principle will invariably reject it.

The DeMarxists have a serious problem coming in November, but Conservatives have to keep uppermost in our minds that their problem is ours. Republicans, so far, have been running on the country’s detestation of what Obama and the DeMarxists have done to the economy and the country, and what they further intend to do. That’s only going to take us just so far.

I haven’t heard a solid Conservative message articulated as yet. It needs to be simple and clear.
It’s simple, ok… ‘Articulate and lead’.
Try it. It works!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

1 comment:

  1. No one has heard a conservative message. Given the current GOP leadership -- Boehner and McConnell -- we're not likely to get one.

    We need to face the facts, Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey, and Bill Archer (the people who gave us 1994) haven't run the House since the 90s. They were replaced by a crowd of big spending morons who went along with every hair-brained scheme that Karl Rove could concoct, from Medicare Prescription Drugs to No Child Left Behind.

    There ARE some good GOP Congressmen and Senators who DO have plans for reform. Unfortunately, they are not in the leadership and the GOP is not a party that likes or tolerates internal revolutions against the seniority of its leaders. In fact, I've always found it to be quite amusing that the GOP's seniority system makes it look at lot like a labor union.

    Until the GOP can boot the clueless morons from their leadership posts, they aren't going to have a plan. This likely means that they will under-achieve in November. Forget about 41 seats in the House, it's going to be more like 25 to 30, which is a typical gain for the opposition party in an off-year election. They have no hope whatsoever of taking over the Senate.