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Friday, July 9, 2010

Israelis Don’t Trust Hussein?!

Gee, ya think? I guess at this point I’m supposed to ask ‘and why don’t the Israelis trust Barack Hussein Obama?’… other than the fact that he is a liar, an anti-semite, and would destroy this little democratic nation of free people given half a chance.

You see, the Israelis long ago figured out just exactly who and what Barack Obama is. The Israelis are quite good at things like this… it’s what keeps them alive. To the Israelis, Obama’s and the UN’s two-state solution is no solution at all. They know, just as you and I know, that it’s a huge straw-man that the islamo-fascists will never allow to occur. Obama favors it because it favors his true interests.

Just as the entire Palestinian ‘refugee’ exodus was fostered by Arab militants, to become a permanent thorn in the hides of the Israelis and a launching pad for the eventual destruction of the Israeli state. That didn’t work out for them. After years and years of attrition through terrorist attack after attack, and several wars in which millions of Arabs were soundly defeated by the relatively tiny Israeli Defense Forces, the militant islamo-fascists are no closer to winning now than they were in 1949 and the Israelis are more determined than ever to ensure the survival of their country.

Israelis know that they enjoy the overwhelming support of the American people They don’t include Obama, but then you can’t blame them for that. You see, Israel, Americans don’t like Barack Hussein Obama any better than you do. They are well aware that the feckless, corrupt United Nations, ever a shill for rabid islamo-fascism, has a new ally in their search for ways to shackle Israel’s ability to defend itself.

Barack Hussein Obama is no friend of Israel and they know it.
Yes, Barry, it has to be the Hussein.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

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