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Monday, October 18, 2010

California – The Other State Of The Union.

California is a mess. No secret to those of us who live here. We’ve been sold down the river so many times by so many different politicians for so long that most people here are disgusted and very, very skeptical.

Karen England

I’m no fan of Meg Whitman, as readers of this column will recall. Jerry Brown is no option either, and certainly no bargain. I remember the messes he started and then left us to deal with… some of which, one way or another, we’re still paying for. Then, after he finished messing up the state he turned his attention to the city of Oakland, which promptly became an ultra-liberal crime and drug-laden ghetto with the highest murder rate in the country. Now he wants another shot at polishing off an already sinking ship.

California is on the brink of insolvency, thanks to inept leadership by people like Brown and the RINO Maximus holding the governor’s office, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Meg looks to me like another big government Republican. I’ve never quite gotten over her gushing endorsement of Van Jones, Oakland communist operative extraordinaire. Ok, I’ll write that one off as a stupid mistake. We all have our share.

Meg Whitman does have business experience that we desperately need. Whether she’ll have the guts to take on the California DeMarxists in our State Government and legislature remains to be seen. Don’t forget that Arnold, early in his first term, got his wrist slapped sharply by the leftists in the legislature and ran to hide under his ultra liberal wife’s political skirt and stayed there, selling out the voters of California at every opportunity.

I want to address the Lt. Governor race. The establishment California Republican Party with which I have many issues (it’s the Washville beltway light), has annointed Abel Maldonado as their guy for Lt Governor. Abel Maldonado is as big, or bigger, a RINO than Arnold. Among Maldonado’s more charming attributes is an affinity for amnesty and open borders. I’m surprised he doesn’t have a little La Raza patch on the seat of his pants.

I’ve never voted for a write-in candidate before… I’m going to advocate for it now. There are a lot of California conservatives that have proposed Karen England, who is currently the executive director of Capitol Resource Institute, a pro-family organization in Sacramento. She is also the director of “Yes On Proposition Eight”. Karen is a solid Conservative Republican, with more experience in researching legislation than most of the people on our payroll who are being paid to do it.

Before moving away from proposition eight. Let’s look at Abel Maldonado’s determined support of ‘Harvey Milk’ day in our schools, where children as young as five would be sexualized through predatory instruction and indoctrination, while gays have free reign to politicize our children while advancing their predatory doctrine. Harvey Milk was a predatory gay, whose only accomplishment was that he was an openly gay San Francisco supervisor who advocated multiple sexual partners. This is what they wish to force on our kids.

Karen England is the person we need in the Lt. Governor’s office… not Abel. Therefore, I’m endorsing Karen England as a write-in for Lt. Governor. Normally, I wouldn’t ‘waste a vote’ by splitting a ticket. England has been gaining a lot of attention and momentum amongst Conservatives in California, in spite of the California Republican Party doing everything in their power to torpedo her bid.

The California party is in as great a need of a major house cleaning as is Washville. Hear that, Tom Del Becarro, state Republican party Vice Chairman? Tom, and other Repubic establishment types, have been calling Karen and attempting to discourage her. What is it with Republicans that time after time, in national and state races, that they persist in picking exactly the wrong horse for the race?

The fact is, we need people like Karen England to turn this sinking tub around. To contact Karen’s campaign, go to:

Keep up the effort. Talk to everyone you know. Don’t be shy, ask if they are registered to vote. If they’re not, offer to help. If they are registered encourage them to vote.
This is all the marbles… Let’s take our country back!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

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