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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Thunderstorm Interrupts Obama Memorial.

Yesterday I alluded to the ‘spirits’ of the men and women, who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country and the freedoms we hold so dear, objecting to President Obama. When president Obama arrived at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, Illinois, it seemed as though those spirits were present and accounted for. A rolling thunderstorm began to break even as President Obama mounted the stage and told everyone to break for cover because of possible lightning strikes.

He did stop by a busload of vet families to talk, while trying to wait out the storm. I give him kudos for getting those folks the hell out of there. Why the Hades can’t he make decisions like that when it comes to the war, or emergencies such as the Gulf Oil leak?

I have always been and always will be, humbled by the sacrifice of these heroes who reside in our national cemeteries. As a kid, I would go out to the National Cemetery here in San Bruno, California, Golden Gate National Cemetery, and place flags on the headstones there. There are tens of thousands of American heroes buried there. It is consecrated ground. I drive by it often and I never cease to experience that sense of awe and profound respect for the men and women who were the giants of our age.

One of my Grandfathers is buried there. He was a veteran of World War 1. No one now living understands the horrors of trench warfare. Not much filtered down to us, other than he had ‘been in France’. It’s surprising how many of those headstones are from the ‘Great War’. America has given it’s best all over the planet… as we do now.

Whether he intended to or not, President Obama has not endeared himself to the military. They, almost to a man, (no slight intended ladies) see all too clearly just who Barack Obama is and what he’s trying to do to the country they love and serve. They know far more than Obama is comfortable with. They know he is no leader… though they don’t need his leadership.

I can speak only for myself as a Marine Veteran. I firmly believe the spirits of those men and women would resent Barack Hussein Obama because his heart is not with this country.
I’d have to agree.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

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