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Sunday, March 7, 2010

What’s Behind Window Number One?

It’s getting to be a little like a ‘Price is Right’ scheme. Behind this window we have… and behind window #2… The difference is that no one knows how to score this one yet. There’s a bunch of hype going on, primarily by a not-quite-panicky Democratic leadership. But the Republicans aren’t that far behind in taking advantage of the situation either.

With President Obama telling his Democrat membership to pay no attention to your jobs… you must sacrifice your careers for the greater good… makes you wonder how many judgeships he has to give out? I want my bill and I want it now. Uh, ok Barry, but just how motivated do you think these folks actually are in following you to Valhalla?

There’s a bunch of political experts and pundits wading in on this one. With the count, and the amount, ratcheting up from day to day. That is the count: the price that this monstrosity is threatening to cost you and your children, and their children, and their children. The number: those politicians who are actually going to be bold enough to sign away the freedom of choice of the entire populace of this country for a very bad piece of legislation on a straight party line reconciliation (there’s that word that Obama won’t use anymore, it’s no longer newspeak) vote of 51 lawmakers.

As tone deaf, elitist and arrogant as these people are they do know by now that the consequences of passage of this horrible major piece of legislation, by what amounts to legislative sleight of hand, can only further infuriate an already up-in-arms electorate, and result in a political bloodletting of historical proportions. Maybe they don’t care, maybe they are willing to slit their bellies on the Capitol steps in the Democratic version of ‘taking the big one for the Ogipper’. But not according to the count that I’ve been able to put together… not enough of them anyway.

There are a few votes that can go either way, Nancy and her smiling eyes and the White House are threatening and cajoling with unremitting pressure to bring the numbers around. At the same time the Republican leadership is cultivating as many no votes as they can manage, while the country is going out of their minds with outrage and shutting down Representatives’ and Senators’ phone lines and burning up the internet with faxes and emails, flat-out letting these people know that if they vote for this bill they won’t be around come November.

My count of Democrats is 34 for a definite yes, 32 most likely or definitely no, and 27 scared witless. This is not a complete list, but it is indicative of the rocks and shoals that are looming out of the darkness to sink the health care garbage barge.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

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