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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ohio – Obama Preaches To The Wrong Crowd.

I can’t get no satisfaction could well be President Obama’s mantra these days. Picked audiences or not it just keeps getting worse for the embattled Barack Obama, while telling us about the ‘green jobs’ that may or may not be created by research into solar power and wind generation, which most experts agree will never amount to more than 20 per cent of the power requirements of this country at best. All the while bringing the entire weight of the government and its unelected regulatory agencies to destroy our most abundant sources of energy, coal, oil and natural gas.

It is so typical of Obama to speak out of ‘both’ sides of his mouth… promoting an unproven and economically questionable technology while attacking another economic sector and its jobs.
Speaking of his administration’s recent debacles in collisions with the American people Obama said, “I’m not going to walk away just because it’s hard”. Sounds a lot like Hillary saying, “I don’t feel no way tired”.

John Boehner

The fact is he got his butt kicked good and hard. Ohio Republican Minority Whip, John Boehner, speaking of Ohio’s TEN POINT NINE PERCENT UNEMPLOYMENT rate, referred to Obama’s touting of his failed stimulus. “Tens of thousands of people have lost their jobs since the stimulus was enacted”. “Nine straight months of double digit unemployment”. The rest of the country echoes these words.

The entire machinery of Democratic governance nation wide is a runaway freight train on a collision course with the real world. Witness the State of California under a ‘liberal’ RINO (Republican In Name Only) Governor (Arnold Schwarzenegger), with a completely leftist state legislature more attuned to social engineering than action which would save this most populous state in the nation from bankruptcy and economic oblivion. With an unemployment rate at more than 10.6 percent, and some areas such as the San Joaquin Valley as high as FORTY PERCENT.

Ron Nehring

With our total state budget deficit at close to SIXTY BILLION DOLLARS and many of our Governor’s spending ‘cuts’ amounting to book-cooking budget shifts, the state legislature is proposing a universal health care system at an annual cost of some 200 billion dollars annually. I have run out of superlatives to describe this nuttiness but Ron Nehring, California State Republican Chairman, put it nicely, “California Democrats are either tone-deaf or delusional”.

This exact statement could be used just about anywhere in the country and especially at the national government level. The Democrats simply seem unable to stop or change course.
The American people will no longer tolerate BUSINESS AS USUAL, from Democrats or Republicans. That’s the message. Ignore it at your peril.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


  1. Skip, At 20% of the power generation of this country is a massive undertaking. However only the undertaker will see Obamas energy plan in Ohio. I do praise the efforts of the "Greeenies". New energy sources are required. However a more streamlined effort is required. Possibly it is Obamas delivery. Nuclear? A wind generated and solar power grid. No problem. The world will get there. Oil is a means to an end. A stepping stone with the same players in place to direct our new energy. Same payroll same power. California. Ha Ha Ha. What he heck are they thinking. Is this some sort of test. "Hey lets see what the most liberal populus thinks of socialized medicine" Not even the liberalist of liberals will fall for this one. I just want to know who justified thier existence by coming up with this one. Obama 0, Brown 1. Good bye. B

  2. Ohio residents are a unique breed, they believe very strongly in playing by the rules. No group will turn on you faster than a group of middle Americans who are doing everything right and still don't have jobs. They also don't give a flying flip about your stupid green jobs unless they come with green money and fast. Obama is a toad and dudes like Boehner will destroy him in Middle America.

  3. Skip, Oil is a stepping stone to the next age of energy. To push ahead of oils worthyness and seek other sources, at least in this time in history is a foresight disaster. Let oil play its course. The power of the oil controllers needs to play a part in its transition. Example. "Arco Solar". Chevron Wind Turbine Resources. Then and only then will it happen. Not a lot of yahoo in Ohio! I guess ignorance is a bliss. Your blog on YoBamas plan in California for a health care system which will cost more than a bond measure or tax could ever provide is right on. No way! Ain't gonna happen! Bob