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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Skip MacLure 1944-2013

Skip MacLure 1944 - 2013

It is with deepest sadness that I have to announce that Skip MacLure passed away in the early hours of February 5th, 2013. Skip had just celebrated his 69th birthday on February 4th.

Although I knew Skip for only seven years, he became the closest friend that I have ever had the privilege to know. While it is difficult to come to terms with this loss, I feel honored to have known him for what was, unfortunately, far too short a time.

Skip was, unabashedly, a true conservative. Plain-spoken, he was not afraid to take anyone to task, regardless of party affiliation. He believed that the Constitution was the greatest legal document ever written, a gift from God to the people of the finest country in the world.

Skip was often attacked by the liberal left for his honest remarks. Although he shrugged off what were often cruel, personally offensive remarks, I felt hurt by them... for I knew the sort of person that Skip really was. Much of it was standard leftist rhetoric, but it still smarted. If they knew Skip's family and friends, for example, they would see that he was anything but racist. Having been brought up by his Italian grandparents, he endured the taunts of neighborhood children who called him "the little blue-eyed wop kid". It served to toughen him up for the future.

I could go on further, but this is not to be a biography, but an invitation to his friends and readers to salute a true patriot and a great American.

I have agreed with Skip's family that his website,, continue... alas without new articles from the man himself. I know that Skip would want me to continue what he started, and for the site to stay true to his beliefs.
Semper fi, Skip.

Written by Skip's editor, Dee.


  1. Godspeed, Patriot. Keep up the fight from wherever you are. I'm sure that you're still with us.

  2. At this time in my life, I have fully made a u-turn in support of conservative ideals. I was and used to believe that liberals are better for the country. I used to believe taxing rich, health care policy, becoming too diplomatic to the other world will make this country safer, stronger, very well liked, prosperous...ect

    In the past 4 years the country have tried to do exactly that under the leadership of liberals, President Barak Obama. However so, I believe now that none of these actions by liberals work to our advantage. Think what south Korea is doing now, think of our economy and jobless Americans, think of what health care will bring us, think what tax hike will do to most of our job craters.

    All the actions undertaken by liberals are counter productive, the excuses I hear time and time again are just silly. They tell you this administration received doughnut hole economy...bla bla but the truth of the matter is your actions now should have solved what ever problem that you think you have inherited from former administration. After all for strong and self esteemed leadership, excuses about previous bad administration should not have been the case.

    So from now one I have made up my mind to support conservatism, with no confusion. For your support, visit my site