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Sunday, April 25, 2010

What’s Not To Understand About ‘Illegal Alien’?

The entire mechanism of the left has just lit up like an Independence Day light show. Arizona has just re-erected the states’ rights issue… quite appropriate actually, given that the country is undergoing what may be described as a low-level, bloodless civil war.

The left is foaming at the mouth over Arizona’s heroic decision to stand and be counted. Every single illegal alien supporter, from Barack Hussein Obama right down to the lowest street apparatchik in MEChA, is buzzing like a stick-stirred nest of hornets.
Obama babbled some inanity about the action being inappropriate. You bet Barry, right on, you betcha’.

Inappropriate, or rather inopportune, timing for Barry who had to have his bank bill scam leader John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry pull the legislation down delaying a vote. Meanwhile, the entire DeMarxist establishment is faced with moving the timing of their next amnesty attempt up, now that they are faced with an actual state in rebellion against a federal government which has steadfastly refused to perform one of its primary duties… that of securing our borders from intrusion by illegals. We (Conservatives) knew we had a fight coming on the illegal issue again, so here it is. The illegal alien amnesty must not succeed. We have to stop it here and now.

What’s scaring the DeMarxists about the Arizona law outlawing illegal aliens is that they know that no matter how much noise they and the part-time law school lecturer make about it, the law passes Constitutional muster. Other states, border states in particular, are eying the same sort of law or similar action. We have what amounts to an undeclared war on our southern border. The Government of Barack Hussein Obama has ensured that our borders would remain open and vulnerable. He has ordered four hundred ICE (Border Patrol) agents removal from service in the border corridor since 2009.

A little side note here on rights. I have rights here… I’d have none in Mexico. I have a Constitution and Bill of Rights that enumerates those rights I hold as a United States citizen. Someone crossing our borders illegally is committing a crime and is a criminal in fact. An alien has no rights under our Constitution and an illegal alien even less. Don’t let these leftist lightweights change the language… they are illegal and nothing more.

We didn’t create the problem but we do have the solutions… stand strong on this. Congratulations and super kudos to Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona, for her signing of the bill and making it law. By the way, I think there’s a movement out there to ambush the left on some of their May Day sacrilegious celebrations. Cool idea. Patriots counter-protesting on the high holy day of international communism. I like it. Just don’t go alone… stay in groups. We all saw what the left’s heroes did to that assistant of Governor Jindal… they’re good at picking on girls and old people.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

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