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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oba-Mao Says It All… Barry’s Sheets Are Getting Pulled.

What have the Chicoms seen about Barry Hussein that the moon-eyed crowd here, those that are left, haven’t been able to get through their observedly addled craniums? Of course, in China they are used to a very heavy-handed government approach to life in general, so Mr. Obama really looks like the inexperienced lightweight that he is. If he thinks he is going to negotiate anything out of them he’ll have to find another soothsayer, because the Chinese wrote the book on it thousands of years ago and Barry just doesn’t have what it takes, or even close to it, and neither has anyone in his administration.

It’s amazing how when things get a bit dicey at home, El Presidente always manages to prance off in absentia when the criticism starts to fly. Maybe it’s because his teleprompters were made offshore, to jobs lost here in this country and therefore work best on foreign soil. Truth is, he just doesn’t want to be here to answer pointed questions, or as pointed as they ever get from 98% of that pandering White House news corps, or the equally DOA fringe media.

The two latest gorge spilling events have had to do with his Muslim Jihadist Army Major, massacring thirteen of our US Army troops ON AMERICAN SOIL, then having to listen to Barry and his spin doctor apologists in the Army itself, in his administration, and in the forever babbling fringe media, trying to turn this murdering scumbag into some sort of victim of ‘American’ oppression and harassment.

Meanwhile, the entire US Muslim population gears up to play the poor oppressed minority to a ‘T’, while many of their mosques preach hatred and their charitable organizations pump money into terrorist jihadist organizations and causes. Hey Barry, what madrasa was it you attended when you were traveling in Pakistan on an Indonesian Muslim passport? You know, the one that showed you as an Indonesian citizen at a time when travel to Pakistan was barred to holders of an American Passport? Wish somebody would explain that one to me. I’ve got it! Must have been part of Barry’s Muslim outreach program.

Then there’s Eric Holder and the firestorm that has been ignited by the announcement that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and friends are being brought here for trial in a NewYork Federal Court. Let’s see, these are really creepy people… the kind that would set a little girl on fire to teach her father a lesson. Fact folks…that’s how these dudes operate over there. We are taking them away from military tribunals where they belong. Remember, these people don’t even rate the protection of the Geneva Convention.

Obama, because IT IS OBAMA, can’t distance himself from this one. He can’t travel far enough to be able to say, “Why, it’s my Attorney General just doing his job”. It won’t work Barry…your sheets have been pulled on this one too. It’s what you and Holder promised all along to your left wing Marxist kooks…to expose our intelligence operations through Soviet style SHOW trials here in the US. That’s plain to see.

What we also see, Mr Hussein Obama, is that you place our nation, our intelligence community, our armed forces personnel and the citizens of this country at great risk.
You sir, abrogate your Oath and the Constitution of this country every time you open your lying mouth.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009

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